REX House
© Javier Agustin Rojas

REX House

Felipe Gonzalez Arzac as Architects

It arises from the idea of creating an architectural object of sculptural character, defying gravity, suspended in the air. It is materialized with a large "block" of exposed concrete, with a surprising presence for the human eye. Detached house, implanted in a corner, located in a suburban neighborhood of the city of La Plata. It is a house of permanent use for 2 (two) people, with children who visit for what is required two bedrooms, and friends who frequent, for this the house requires a more ¨ sporadic ¨ a S.U.M.


It is divided into two floors, opposed in their form and materiality:
Ground floor, linked in its entirety with the outside, concrete glass and wood, social life develops in it, a garage that is housed under the concrete block, an entrance to the living room, separated by a patio, appears and discovers the dining room and kitchen. These spaces are connected to the upper floor by a staircase totally perforated by a glass that gives access to overhead light generating an "opening to the sky", and to be able to observe its different states, prior to entering the suspended concrete volume of the upper floor.


To finish with the ground floor, behind the kitchen and the first social sector of the house hide two bedrooms for children, friends and sporadic visits, and everything ends in a S.U.M. with grill. All these spaces are constantly linked to the center of the ground that is the pool, "Everything looks towards the center" and explodes to the outside. High floor, in opposition to the rest of the house, plays with the blind concrete box, without connection to the outside, the inhabitant remains silent and isolated from the rest. Without a doubt, it is the volume that gives personality to the home, and generates within it many sensations, from losing the limits of gravity, the interior and exterior spaces are confused in their limits, and the absolute silence that the material and the architectural composition provides.

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