Casa Myhrer Hauge

Casa Myhrer Hauge

Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor
Maridalen, Oslo
Project Year
Private Houses
Jiri Havran
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Couch - Miche sofa/couch, Saloon/livingroom table - Alanda table TA120B&B Italia
Downlights in kitchen & Dining - CARREE ST OK LED, Downlights in Living room - MINIGRID IN 2Delta Light
Minigrid in 2
Lamp hanging in dining area - Modo Chandelier, 3 Sided, 10 Globes Black Modoluce
Fireplace - LunaDiamond
Wooden Floor/parquetteFlamingo
Oven and MicroMiele & Cie. KG

Product Spec Sheet
Couch - Miche sofa/couch, Saloon/livingroom table - Alanda table TA120
Downlights in kitchen & Dining - CARREE ST OK LED, Downlights in Living room - MINIGRID IN 2
Minigrid in 2 by Delta Light
Lamp hanging in dining area - Modo Chandelier, 3 Sided, 10 Globes Black
Fireplace - Luna
by Diamond
Wooden Floor/parquette
Oven and Micro

Casa Myhrer Hauge description

Gudmundur Jonsson Arkitektkontor as Architects

This house is not merely about esthetics, it is about bringing natural settings and Architecture into dialog. Finding the Stream and opening up, landscaping it, and giving it back to nature as a visual end influential element. Then creating the dialog with the house itself. This becomes an intellectual challenge where the house concept is created by the natural settings (difficult to see in heavy snowy pictures). The opened-up-Stream, together with strict boundaries for where to be allowed to built created a great challenges in defining the concept and giving the house it´s form, which interacts so perfectly with the natural settings, making it a great experience entering the house on bridge above the sound and experience of trickling waterstream accompanied with birds singing and smell of wood and water.

Thus, the house itself is not taking anything away from nature, it is bringing nature back, and even emphasizing the encounter of nature, defining the nature.  The architectural aesthetics are based on clear choice of materials, the wooden base and the raised plaster-volume, creating the instrument to play with compositions. The simple and rather strict columns and bridges are a resemblance to the wooden tree-trunks surrounding the site, simultaneously giving a modernistic, even functionalism-association to our architectural history.

The bridge continuing stringently inside the house makes an architectural clarification of the volumes and concept, partly two-storey livingroom is a playful and exciting spatial differences, giving encounters to both the TV-room upstairs and the roof terrace as well, thus giving possibility to read and understand the Architecture and concept of the house from different settings, angles and elevations.


The kitchen and dining are integrated in the overall layout of the plan, becoming a distinct part of the living room, although defined by a lower ceiling. Thus, materiality and colour tones become important to emphasize this integration. The design focus on this unity and flow in spatiality.

The materials are natural and simple, with a soothing color-palette with great natural materiality that, inspite of its modern denomination, it responds and belongs to the nature surrounding it. The project appears thus as a completion or a synthesis of the factors creating it, the reestablishment of the nature, the concept and the materials used for its aesthetic completion. The innovative part being the rediscovery and reestablishment of the nature, using it as a targeted mediator for the creation of the consept.

Material Used :

1. Natural stone = Valdres, from Norsk Steinmiljø

2. Fireplace = Luna Diamont

3. Kitchen = Designa

4. Kitchen tables = Optimal Innredning AS

5. Downlights in kitchen & Dining = Delta Light - CARREE ST OK LED

6. Downlights in Living room = Delta Light - MINIGRID IN 2

7. LEDstripes = Vanpee 

8. Wooden Floor/parquette = Flamingo

9. Couch = Miche sofa/couch from B&B

10. Chairs in living room = Gaston GAPL78 from Poliform

11. Saloon/livingroom table = Alanda table TA120 from B&B

12. Dining chairs = Charles Eames

13. Dining table = Tix, smoked Oak from Mobimex

14. Lamp hanging in dining area = Modo Chandelier, 3 Sided, 10 Globes Black from Modo

15. Lamp hanging in living room = Meshmatics Chandelier from Molmesh

16. Oven and Micro = Miele

17. Bathtub = Hurricane

18. Fittings in bathroom = Tapwell

19. Tiles in bathroom = Nordic Stone Islandia 60x60, black

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