Roeselare knowledge centre ARhus

Roeselare knowledge centre ARhus


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Roeselare knowledge centre ARhus

B2Ai as Architects

A key project in the heart of the Belgian city of Roeselare is the renewal of the inner-city nucleus formed by Noordstraat, Ooststraat and Henri Horriestraat. The city centre will be structurally strengthened by enlarging a modern centre of knowledge and learning, developing additional commercial premises and building new homes. The renewal project is situated right in the centre of the city. It is an integral part of the main shopping precinct that stretches between the Saint Michael Church and the Grote Markt (market square) on the one hand and the railway station on the other.

The 'knowledge centre' project is situated on the former site of the Bank of Roeselare in the heart of the city. The site will become a new multifunctional inner-city area with private and public functions including everything from housing, homes for senior citizens, shops, offices and exhibition areas to a knowledge centre with a library. The knowledge centre is going to be an open house, a public information forum and meeting place for people of all ages.

This new node of functions in the city will be built around a pedestrian shopping street with a public square. The site connects directly with the existing shopping streets and the Grote Markt, the market square.

The project’s multifunctional embodiment and high-quality architecture will enhance the liveability of Roeselare’s nucleus.

Fireforum Awards 2012 - nominated Joinery Awards 2012 - laureate category aluminium Benelux Aluminium Awards 2013 - laureate

ARhus Roeselare Library

Skyfold Inc. as Movable Wall/Partition

ARhus, a library project in Belgium, is a perfect example of how unused space can become usable. 

When the Knowledge Library opened in 2014, the entry hall on the ground floor and the mezzanine was one open foyer. Soon after, ARhus realized that the foyer was rarely used because it was just too big. 

To maximize the usability of this dormant space, a Skyfold Mirage® acoustic glass vertically folding operable wall was installed to create flexible division between the entry hall and the now smaller foyer. What was once idle space can now be sub-divided to create multi-functional zones and a meeting room, or it can be expanded for use as a large meeting point. 

Despite introducing a movable wall into the space, ARhus still wanted the mezzanine to feel like an extension of the entry hall. The Mirage glass panels were able to achieve this while also ensuring that natural light can flow between the spaces. Even when the area is segmented, the glass panels make the spaces feel connected instead of isolated. 

Since this was more of a matter of space management rather than acoustic or visual privacy, the Skyfold Mirage was an innovative, easy, and welcoming solution thanks to its automatic system and transparency. But for ARhus, Mirage’s transparency and flexibility goes beyond function; Mirage emulates its purpose as a knowledge centre where knowledge is shared and where its doors and spaces are always open to the community. 

ARhus Roeselare

STRABAG Belgium nv as Contractors

vzw Het Portaal granted the construction of the knowledge centre and library in Roeselare to STRABAG Belgium nv. The old bank building “De Munt” received a brand new identity. This modern knowledge centre is more than just a library, it operates as a multifunctional meetingplace for students, neighbours and other interested persons. Visitors can use the accomodation freely on all 6 floors: class rooms, study areas, meeting rooms and a cafeteria. Next, this new library is a part of the innovative platform “Het Portaal” that encourages lifelong learning.

The order involved the closed carcass and finishing while the existing structure was maintained. The library in Roeselare was mainly a renovation project with a small new construction part. Furthermore, the building has been entirely stripped and renovated for a total value of 12,5 million euro. 810 m2 of concrete, 190 000 kg of steel, pile foundations and micro piles were used within the project.

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