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Scribe Winery and Hacienda

Scribe Winery and Hacienda

Aidlin Darling Design

2100 Denmark Street, Sonoma, CA, USA | View Map
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Adam Rouse

Scribe Winery Hacienda

Aidlin Darling Design as Architects

Like wine, buildings have the capacity to embody their surroundings, reveal history, and tell stories about their inhabitants. They can pronounce a terroir that enhances one’s understanding of place. The Hacienda at Scribe Winery exemplifies this notion. In 2006, Scribe embarked on a mission to resurrect the Rhinefarm Vineyard in Carneros Valley near Sonoma, one of the oldest vineyards in California. Central to this mission was a reincarnation of its original homestead, the Hacienda. After multiple transformations and decades of neglect, the Hacienda was both restored and transformed as part of a vast master plan that encompasses several projects to support Scribe Winery’s operation. The master plan includes an auxiliary hospitality and tasting facility on “The Knoll”, interactive flowering gardens, and several outdoor tasting venues on the property’s 250 plus acres.

Built in 1915 over the site of a previous structure, the Hacienda, formerly known as the “Macintosh House” had survived much neglect and multiple changes over the years, as had the property around it. Its new incarnation aims to tell the story of its evolution, transcendence and present use thru both preservation and discreet but legible interventions. In addition to extensive structural work and an upgrading of all its systems, the project involved a careful and honest uncovering and preservation of its many layers, which mark the passage of time. Distinct new layers are introduced, providing legibility and superimposition between the old and new. The result is a living interactive palimpsest that supports an overarching concept of story telling, a concept from which the winery was named.

The reincarnated structure serves as Scribe’s hospitality hub and includes tasting areas, a full service kitchen for food events, and guest accommodations for visiting chefs. Together with “The Knoll” and its outlying landscape venues, the Hacienda, as the latest addition to the Scribe master plan, will enable a unique understanding of place and broader historical context.

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