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SHV Energy

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SHV Energy

APTO Architects B.V. as Architects

The Valley
The organisational pillars for the head office of SHV Energy were translated by APTO, with biophilic design in mind, into a spatial and functional concept. At the core and the main entrance of the workplace a green valley with a landscape of bamboo and florishing green environment. A place to meet colleagues and partners. The valley also operates as a place to showcase all the rich history since 1890 and showcase the 12 divisions from all over the world. The valley also hosts an outside garden, making it a diverse area for relaxing and sharing a coffee.

The Forrest
Moving from the valley to the workplace everyone passes the forrest. This area is dedicated for all the formal meetings with partners, clients and internal. This area is functions as a sound buffer between the vibrant valley and the more focused work area's.

The Mountains
The area's at the outer skirts of the office are dedicated to the employees. Providing these areas automatically with the best views and maximum daylight. All light systems and light levels are fully adaptive during the day.

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