Single family house in Kobylany, PL

Single family house in Kobylany, PL

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Redefinition of a traditional barn house combined with modern concrete solid

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The house was designed on the southern slopes of the Upland near Krakow. This area is included in the area of ​​the Landscape Park. The context of charming and natural landscape values ​​has become the background for the project.
The plot has a trapezoidal shape and a topography of very different heights. Access to the plot is located on the west side. The existing location conditions and investor's requirements influenced the design process and the functional and spatial composition of the house.
Access to the house is provided by a closed yard with a maneuvering square, which is also a buffer between the road and the house. From this space you can directly get to the underground part of the building and through the field stairs to the main entrance to the house. In the basement there are technical rooms and garages, on the ground floor there is a living area with kitchen, dining room, living room and club room, and in the attic bedrooms and bathrooms for residents.
The difference in height cuts off the aboveground part from the underground which is visible on the building façades.
The lump of the ground floor is described on a rectangular plan where an atrium is cut in the eastern corner. Glazing on the entire height of the storey frames the surrounding landscape into the interior. The element that complements the contact with nature is a flower bed with lush green grass and a characteristic tree in the form of a purple-undersized palm maple. This color accent breaks harmoniously composed elevations in gray tones in an energizing way.
The roofing of the house is the result of the analysis of regional architecture, traditional single-family housing and the interpretation of the Local Development Plan. Very restrictive provisions of the plan, basically limiting the height of the knee wall to the minimum, determined the form of the roof as a spatial prism with a triangle cross section that maintains the angle between the arms defined in the planning document. Dormers break the roof structure to emphasize the function of some attic rooms.
The architecture of the House in Kobylany is the result of an insightful search for a form that combines a traditional gable roof with a modern solid and a topography of the area into one whole.

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