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Franco Somigli

SML Architects Offices


This project consisted in the refurbishment of a 70 sqm office for an architecture studio.
In this limited surface we where asked to fit an open working space, an enclosed meeting room, a small space for casual meetings, plus higienic services an kitchenette. Our proposal was to distribute all spaces arround a central metalic brise soleil painted in orange, its geometry allows the articulation of the diferent areas without leaving unused spaces and allowing open, yet controled views of the entire office.
Older ceilings where removed in order to increase the inhabitable height of the different areas and air conditioned pipes where replaced by tubular ones in order to give the atmosphere an industrial look, which is contrasted with wooden tables and ceilings in the meeting room.
Thus, with simple but efficient operations, we where able to get the most of a reduced space and keep the construction costs controlled and reduced.


Questions and Answers

What were the key challenges?

The main challenge was to fit all spatial and programatic requirements in a small space.


What were the solutions?

The design of a simple central element that could distribute an order the different areas.

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