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Stensnæs School

LBB3 Tegnestuen
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Stensnaes School

LBB3 Tegnestuen as Architects

Located in Denmark, SFO is a progressive school referred to as a ‘School-Leisure-Scheme’. With play at the heart, connection between interior spaces and the exterior playground are of paramount importance. Thoughout the interior, adjoinng rooms include niches and alcoves suited to the scale of children. The outer form is playful and dynamic, clad with composite facade panels by STENI.

More from the Architects:

The new SFO is located in between the schoolyard and playground, in order to emphasize the building's function as "School-Leisure-Scheme". The arrival happens to the southwest via the new wardrobe that is located under the canopy at a previously covered courtyard area. The wardrobe is a long narrow room with a few high-altitude windows - You do not have the opportunity to look out to the surroundings in this room. Connecting to the wardrobe, the small passageway to the SFO has windows from the floor right up to the ceiling, - here is the view to the surroundings. The low-rise transition enhances the experience of the central space of the SFO. - This is a large room with a view to the schoolyard and playground. The adjoining rooms are all performed as alcoves and niches. The building meets the requirement for low energy BR10. The facades are coated with composite material in 3 shades and shine.

Stensnæs School with white and grey façade panels in different gloss levels.

STENI AS as Manufacturers

Nicknamed ‘The White Diamond,’ Denmark’s Stensnaes School (SFO) features a composite facade that gently shifts in appearance with the light. The STENI facade panels selected are in three different shades between white and grey with different gloss levels, creating the subtle yet dynamic effect.


Composite panels were further selected for durability reasons with children playing around the building perimeter and kicking balls etc. Sustainability was also a driving concept behind the design, with the building achieving a BR10 standard.

More from the Manufacturer:

Stensnæs School has chosen a façade consisting of white and grey STENI façade panels in different gloss levels. This provides exciting nuances in the façade, which changes with changing light.

The building has been nicknamed “The White Diamond”.

“The façade is clad with highly durable STENI Colour façade panels, which is important with all the schoolchildren kicking balls and playing around and with the building,” says Hanne Lind Bonderup of the Frederikshavn local council.

They chose to put design high on their list of priorities during the construction process, so that the children would get the opportunity to play and have fun in an inspiring school environment.

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