the Clinic at Clarke Quay

the Clinic at Clarke Quay

n-a, Singapore
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Sash Alexander

the Clinic at Clarke Quay

concrete as Interior Architects

sick people + the clinic = healthy people healthy people + the clinic = ???

What does a Clinic do when you already feel good…? It makes you feel even better……ecstatic!

Clinic is the medicine, which brings you to a new dimension of partying. The floor plan is built up out of different pills (medicines), with each their own form, ambiance and experience or side-effect.

Clinic consists roughly out of two parts: The club is located downstairs, with different pills (spaces) named after medicines. The Vip-lounges and restaurant are upstairs, again a variety of pills but named after states of mind.

Entrance: 14 m2 You enter the emergency admission room. A round, clean, white aspirin pill with a red cross on the floor. The break-line of the pill provides indirect light from the ceiling.

Amino: 80 m2 A big capsule-shaped lounge, with one side (walls, ceiling and floor) hospital green and the other hospital blue.

The blue bar area has a stainless steel bar with Perspex cabinets. In the green lounge area people can relax in original 60’s lounge chairs combined with special designed ‘aspirin’ tables. The Amino pill also gives access to the outside terrace with hospital-beds and silver cushions to sit on.

Sarin: 23 m2 The couples lounge is the mother-of-pearl pill and in the shape of a rounded triangle. The walls are made of pearl curtains following the pearl-shell white couches.

Cyanide: 26 m2 This pill is connected to the dance floor and like a big private booth. Completely styled in shades of glossy pink this six-angled pill is like candy, bad for your teeth but so sweet!

Caffeine: 28 m2 This rounded triangle-shaped pill consists of the colours found in medicine packaging. The coloured striped walls are backlit and the luminosity varies on the rhythm of the music, which makes this room move.

Morphine: 68 m2 This capsule-shaped dance pill is the biggest of them all and connects the two floors with each other. The colours are red and blue and there is a two-storey high LED-wall surrounding 3 sides of the dance floor. A VJ displays controversial visuals, like blood dripping down from ceiling or eyes that follow every dance-move.

Anthrax: 27 m2 The half round pill contains the main bar. This space seems to be completely round, because the bar-front is finished in mirroring shiny stainless steel. In this completely black pill spots are placed in the floor to support the mirror-effect and to accentuate the round-shaped ceiling. The glowing letters of a medicin-code are placed on the ceiling, which are only readable combined with the reflection.

The Morgue: 32 m2 This is the entrance and reception to the Aurum restaurant. A very clinical space with a shiny chrome interior. The glass façade is covered with graphics of the element gold out of the official periodic table. A wall of morgue drawers on one side and a big chrome desk to welcome everyone. The Morgue drawers function as showcases, where pills and Clinic gadgets can be sold. Furthermore a hidden door behind the drawers leads you to the fine-dining restaurant Aurum. Aurum restaurant: 72 m2 The Gold Pill is a wonderful exciting space that is completely gold, which combines fine dining and private dancing! The walls, ceiling and floor are all gold with sparkling, golden dots. A big golden mirror ball with extra lighting can be lowered from the ceiling, when the restaurant turns into a club. But of course the 'piece-de-resistance' will be the experience of dining here. The food, prepared live by a two star cook, will be served on ‘surgical’ tables while you are sitting in golden wheelchairs. The stainless-steel tables are specially designed with a little drawer for presenting the cutlery and napkins, like surgical instruments on a tray in the operating room. There are 2 big, sliding doors between the gold pill and the triangular black pill (phobia) next to it. These doors are made from glass with foil that is gold on one side and see-through from the other side (like a 'police-confrontation-mirror' they use at a line-up). The gold and the black pill together fit up to 70 people.

Phobia: 45 m2 This black, triangle-shaped, private restaurant is a very intimate space. The ceiling is cushioned and buttoned with black velour where the buttons function as a subtle halogen light source. The floor is covered with black carpet and the walls are painted mat black. The black walls contain, in shiny black letters, all ‘phobia’ known in medical terms. Wall couches provide intimate seating and a great modern chandelier creates a luxurious atmosphere.

Delirium: 100 m2 (incl. insanity) The VIP lounge is part of a large capsule shaped pill and coloured dark purple. Sitting in private niches relaxing on comfortable couches you can, as a voyeur, look down upon the dance floor in the Morphine pill. Above the couches are hanging 14 real silk-screen prints of Damien Hirst.

Insanity: The Vip bar is the other part of the large capsule shaped pill, coloured blue, where you can set aside your personal liquor.

Delusion: 28 m2 A lounge for girls only. This is a red-mirrored space with a ceiling created out of round, red, parabolic mirrors. There are oversized red couches where you can chat and relax. Red boudoir lights on the wall provide an intimate and sexy ambiance.

Secret staircase: This secret staircase leads to the Vip area on the first floor. It’s hospital green with a bloody red carpet, like an operation has gone bad.

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