The Lisbon Walker Flagship Store

The Lisbon Walker Flagship Store

Filipe Melo Oliveira
Lisbon, Portugal
Project Year
Joao Morgado - Architectural Photography

The Lisbon Walker Flagship Store

Filipe Melo Oliveira as Architects

The Lisbon Walker – Flagship Concept Store, a totally new premium concept brand, centrally located inthe downtown of Lisbon,is where the very best of Portugal comes together, mainly in the art of men shoes and wine, besides belts, accessories and concept items, entirely designed and produced in Portugal.

The goal was to create a space where products could be shown in a clear, objective and true way.

Exhibiting shoes and wine bottles side by side in the simplest way possible, by making them float on the walls, was the architectural concept. Symmetry, simplicity and the truth of materials were the main ideas for both spaceand furniture designs.

On the top dark grey wall the highlighted brand name welcomes the customers. Beneath, the main counter exhibits accessories and, on each side of the store, vertical showcases display belts and other concept items. On the white sidewalls shoes and wine bottles are presented, as they were floating. And in the centre, a rounded black leather bench remembers the brand logo to the customers.

Black and light pinewood, stainless steel, black leather, glass, white stucco, limestone and concrete, work together to emphasize each product and to enhance an industrial high-end style space.

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