Tocados Tousette

Tocados Tousette

Destudio Arquitectura
Calle del Grabador Esteve, Valencia, Spain
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Destudio Arquitectura as Architects

The objective of this project is to create an exclusive bridal space within the pre-existing store.

In the area of ​​guests the workshop and the counter are moved and some niches are created behind, getting more amplitude, the access is adapted and the entrance door is changed by an automatic one. The new technical and decorative lighting improves product exposure.

For the new bridal area, it is sought to create an independent space that is intuited from the access, separated from the guest area by a large curtain that gives privacy. The neutral colors and natural textures give the sophisticated touch of a bridal boutique. The large mirror specially designed for the store brings depth to the space, and reflects the area with armchairs created in front of the fitting room for the bride's companions.

For the exhibition of the dresses a low wall is built from which hooks hang where the shelves are placed that serve both to hook the donkeys with the dresses and for the exhibition of headdresses.

The terrace was already a significant element in Tousette, so it is important not only to preserve this part, but to give it the importance and prominence it deserves. For this, a glass enclosure with black carpentry is chosen, which can be seen from the guest area and directly links the new bridal space with the terrace.

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