Tree Snake Houses

Rebelo de Andrade as Architects

Along with the project Pedras Salgadas Park by architects Luís Rebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade, came the challenge of creating an object that could recreate the fantasy of the tree houses.

The project for these houses was developed in partnership with the Modular System Company. The idea was to get an object that would be far away from the orthogonality and from pre-established concepts associated with the modular construction.

The characteristic design associated with the slates and the wood on the base suggests a snake gliding between the trees. Like a wild animal in its natural habitat, the house suddenly appears in the visual field of the observer.

The choice of materials gives an instant sense of connection with nature at the same time it establishes a coherent image of the proposal into a perfect symbiosis between the house and the Park.

The architects made use of new technology already tested in prototypes that allow a weightless easy-carrying construction. Native raw material, slate and wood used in the finishing also promote the integration at the same time it confers invisibility to the houses, not allowing these to take the chief role which belongs to the centennial Park itself.

Sustainability and ecology have always been one of the major concerns during the development of the project. The consistency and rationale for the intervention were attained by the layers and reinforced insulation, heating systems, water reuse, water solar panels, the low consumption lighting system using LED technology as well as the option of keeping the soil without any impermeable system, among other solutions. Each house comprises a studio with a bathroom and a kitchen.

Thus, the two TREE SNAKE HOUSES of Pedras Salgadas Park are objects that, using similar materials and technologies, point out to our imaginary: the primitive hut and the wild animal.

Developed by the architects Luís Rebelo De Andrade And Tiago Rebelo De Andrade in cooperation with Modular System the project also foresees multiple purposes, which can be adapted to different landscapes and climates.

More models of these houses like the MOUNTAIN SNAKE HOUSE, the RIVER SNAKE HOUSE and the SAND SNAKE HOUSE, whose dimensions and materials are easily adapted to various climates and regions, are being developed and will soon be available to the public. It will then be possible to acquire one of these houses and to benefit from different situations such as coastal areas, riverbanks, mountain or urban environments.


PEDRAS SALGADAS spa and nature park as Other

Incorporated into the Pedras Salgadas Park design and conceived by architect Luís Rebelo de Andrade, the tree houses arose from the challenge of creating an element that could fulfil the imaginary image of tree houses. The idea was to create an object moves away from orthogonality and pre-established concepts associated with construction. This house, developed in partnership with the company Modular System, uses a technology already tested on prototypes that enables a lightweight, self-supporting construction.

Coverings in slate and wood, indigenous raw materials, help foster integration with the landscape and render these architectural houses invisible, thus maintaining focus on this one-hundred-year-old park. Inside, the tree houses have two windows, one through which the life of the park may be observed, and another to look at the stars, a bathroom divided into 2 parts, a kitchenette, a double bed and a sofa.

Sustainability and ecology were constantly present in the development of this project: the non-impervious floor surfaces, reinforced coatings and insulation, the reuse of blackwater, the very low consumption lighting systems using LED technology, among other solutions found, give the initiative coherence and a raison d’être.

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