Umami restaurant

Umami restaurant

Zagreb, Croatia
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Umami - A restaurant That Feeds Your Curiosity

Brigada as Project Managers

If we expect food to be tasty, the restaurant it’s served in should be tastefully designed, shouldn’t it? Especially if the restaurant in question is one whose very name – Umami – means exactly that in Japanese: a savory taste. Which is why the design of the new Umami restaurant, the second in Zagreb and located in Vrbani, was inspired by the engagement of all five senses combined under the slogan of Feed your curiosity. Our task was to create a space which encourages exploration, carrying forward the owner’s philosophy that every dish can be new and different by exploring and experimenting with spices and sauces. Thus it was necessary to create a relaxed and open atmosphere in the space, one with unexpected elements which inspire interaction. The creative design concept is called Creative Lab, which was the inspiration for the the design and for defining the way the space is going to be used.

The first thing you notice when entering the restaurant are the network of pipes zigzagging across the ceilings, painted in vibrant colors, reproduced through various details including chairs and shelves.The fixtures were left visible for the purpose of sympossible bolically achieving a feeling of openness, which is also what the concept of the open kitchen does as making it possible for guests to watch the process of their food being prepared. A particularly unexpected element in the space is the interactive wall with a myriad of spice boxes guests can experiment with in addition to various trinkets, such as board games.

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