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Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct link
ManufacturersREHAUSystem 4500
Timber Flooring – Thermally Treated White Oiled OakAdmonter
Textile Flooring – Glory 1500OBJECT CARPET GmbH
Solar Powered Venting SkylightVELUX Commercial
Wall Lighting – Surf MicroArtemide
Wallpaper - Skeletons in the ClosetElli Popp

Product Spec Sheet
Timber Flooring – Thermally Treated White Oiled Oak
Textile Flooring – Glory 1500
Solar Powered Venting Skylight
Wall Lighting – Surf Micro
Wallpaper - Skeletons in the Closet


Reigo & Bauer as Architects

Almost invisible from the streets nearby, Winona House sits on a formerly vacant lot tucked in between two rows of ordinary homes and deep backyards.


Instead of ignoring the marginality of its site and the vernacular form in the surrounding area, the new structure draws artistic energy from its unusual setting.


The shape and materiality of the two-level dwelling were heavily influenced by adjacent backyard sheds, storage shacks, and detached garages; oddly scaled, utilitarian buildings free from the common visual cues typifying a house. A Dark textured cladding is used to cover the entire building, an effect that’s heightened by the lack of eave lines and a continuous reading from roof to wall. In contrast, the bright pink entryway articulates a clear the point of arrival, while paying homage to the owner’s Mexican heritage. The sculptural quality of the house also plays a unique part in its interior design. A symmetrically pitched roof runs diagonally from corner to opposite corner, creating an unconventional geometry that translates into the interior’s upper level with high walls that touch the sloped ceilings at dramatic angles producing a crisscrossing play of light and shadow as further internal folds in the wall and ceiling planes define interior rooms.


Material Used :
1. Enviroshake – Façade Cladding – Silvered Cedar
2. Enviroshake – Roofing – Silvered Cedar
3. Rehau – Exterior Doors and Windows – System 4500 Tilt-turn
4. Velux – Skylights – Solar Powered Venting Skylight
5. Hudson Reed and Stelrad – Wall Radiators
6. Admonter – Timber Flooring – Thermally Treated White Oiled Oak
7. Vives – Ceramic Flooring – Palau Celeste and Jujol Basalto
8. Are&Be for Object Carpet – Textile Flooring – Glory 1500
9. Are & Be for Elli Popp – Wallpaper  - Skeletons in the Closet
10. Rakks – Kitchen Shelving
11. Artemide – Wall Lighting – Surf Micro

*Millwork designed by Reigo& Bauer, fabricated by O’Sullivan Millwork.
*Kitchen Island designed by Reigo& Bauer, fabricated by FiloTimo
*Project is Certified LEED Silver

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