Warsaw, Poland
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STOPROCENT Architekci as Architects

The X HOUSE was designed in rather extraordinary circumstances. Before any design work started, the client commissioned a series of talks/discussions on architecture with our team. During the meetings we discussed and analyzed many various houses from all around the world. The aim was, on one hand, to provide a wide context for the work, and on the other – to get to know better the needs of the client and his family. These architecture sessions allowed us to set the framework for the future house quite precisely. The X house is not only supposed to serve as a comfortable living space for the family of four, but also to allow each of the family members to pursue their individual passions. Therefore, on top of the regular scope of a single family house, the design needed to provide space for diving equipment, kites, surfboards, a quad, motorbikes, skiing equipment, bikes, rollerblades.

The building is located in dense forest in the suburbs of Warsaw. The shape and geographical situation of the land is so specific that no scheme based on straight angles yielded satisfactory results. The designed layout is thus based on 60° angle, which allows to open the house to light from the south, minimalise northern facades, while matching the context of the neighbouring buildings.

On the ground floor, next to a large window that stretches along the whole building, the part of the house used during the day is located: the kitchen, the dining room, the living room and the library. The window provides direct access to the garden. The three-car garage and sport equipment storage complement the ground floor. Sleeping rooms, wardrobes and bathrooms for all inhabitants as well as a study are located on the first floor.

The underground part of the building (under the garage) houses a flexible party and fitness space. Depending on the need it can become a fitness room, a home cinema, space to play pool or whatever the inhabitants feel like doing there.

The facades of the ground floor are designed using ventilated panels: Aquapanel and glass. The first floor is finished with fibre-cement boards with custom pattern perforation.

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ManufacturersHörmann KG Verkaufsgesellschaft
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