XXXXYYY the wall

XXXXYYY the wall

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XXXXYYY the wall

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design: gianluca milesi architecture Feifan Chen Jinchao Lin Gianluca Milesi Yichen Xu

00 concept

Taking a look at the XXXXYYY exhibition center as it is today we noticed that the different buildings insisting on the area were somehow not well connected an the were not an organic complex and neither an organized system, but just juxtaposition of volumes.

Starting from this simple observation we thought that was necessary to introduce new relations and a new organization between the exhausting buildings and the new buildings to be designed. Our idea, somehow radical, was to give to the new XXXXYYY exhibition center and auditorium a new consistency. We wanted the new architectural complex to be perceived and used as a "unique" space or better as a new architectural system recognizable because of its shape and because of its particular way to be used.

We thought to enclose or better to wrap the different building, the existing halls, the new auditorium, the conference rooms, the exhibition center, the office space, the parching and the supporting structures in a box, or better to wrap them in a WALL.

the WALL is our building.

The WALL is separation, is true, but the Wall is also creating a space, creating a house, create intimacy and definition. We want our wall to be all this things, to be the union of things the connection of the points. T prevent our new architectural system to create a real separation we opened our WALL in several points. Our WALL works as a solid surface that can divide but can also connect the different spaces and buildings with themselves and with the city. In order to guaranty this our WALL is "broken" or better "open" (in a geometrical way) in some parts or can "move" as windows and doors do giving the possibility to accept or not communications and visuals. The new buildings, auditoriums, conference rooms, offices exhibition center bar and facilities face the WALL form incise and the "brake" and "open" it to allow the people, the light and the visual to pass through. The different buildings and space inside the WALL are connected both ate the ground 0 and at different quotes through passages and platforms creating then new inner system of communication and circulation.

01 architecture

We design the architecture of the auditorium complex as a mix of linear/geometric and "organic" volumes and spaces. The connecting spaces and surfaces were designed in a fluid way according with the functions of the circulation of the public and the employees. The |buildings are designed in a linear and geometric way as boxes floating inside the WALL and "attached" to it. Th building volumes were conceived as light structure glass elements breaking and opening the "heaviness" of the WALL. The Wall was thought was a solid surface, almost brutal, covered with dark colored steel panels to underline the importance of the element in terms of space conception and perception. The different spaces and buildings are vertically connected by escalators and elevators. The auditorium is a one open space space that could be divided in 4 smaller units through 4 vertically sliding sandwich structural glasses containing a system of rotating panels to obtain a visual and sound insulation of the compartments. the same system has been proposed for the conference rooms. The offices are facing outside the wall and are conceived as an open space too. The auditorium, the conference rooms, the office and the bar were conceived to be lighten through the WALL breaking it and to be panoramic paces for the public, inside and outside the WALL.

02 conclusion

We didn't want to design building and additions to be connected one to each otters but we create a 'unique" architectural system. THE WALL The architecture generated by our idea is outstanding and iconic of the city of XXZZ and for a modern contemporary city.

03 The Auditorium

The auditorium has been conceived as an open space that can be divided in 4 smaller auditoriums. Vertical glass walls sliding vertically can determine the shape of auditorium according with the use and the public affluence. The vertical glass wall are a sandwich of a double structural glass framed with a steel structure and moved mechanically by a system of gears. Inside the structural glasses a system of rotating panels allows to have an open visual between the different portions of the auditorium or to have a visual separation beside to guaranty the sound insulation. The sits are placed on a light slope and are rotating according to the position of the stage or the lecturer, allowing to the public to have a good visibility. Structurally is suspended by big dimensions beams leaning on underneath volumes and on the wall. The front and sides glasses of the auditorium allow the public to have a good visual of the exterior and to light to enter and to the people outside the auditorium complex or inside it to see what kind of event is happening. We thought at the auditorium as structure that can be used in different ways, as for lectures but also for musical and theatrical event, and even a a movie theater.

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