Zannos Melathron

Zannos Melathron

Oikos Tsebelis

Zannos Melathron Reconstruction

Oikos Tsebelis as Architects

Nikos Tsebelis was born in 1949 in Athens, Greece. He finished high school in Germany and then studied architecture at the University of Palermo in Sicily, Italy. He then returned to Athens where he began his career as an architect in one of the most famous architectural offices in the city. From the mid 70’s to mid 80’s Nikos Tsebelis produced some distinct architectural drawings and supervised a number of construction projects including private and public buildings, houses and hotels. In 1986, Nikos travelled to Santorini, became mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty and energy of the island and took the lifetime decision to stay. Since then, Nikos has been practicing architecture in Santorini and many of the island’s magnificent hotels and extraordinary villas have been created by his hand. Nikos speaks five languages and sails with his sailing boat whenever he can.

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