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Inspiration: Archello’s Spec Reference Guide allows Architects to source materials by looking at products applied in realized projects. The Guide gives a quick overview of how the product looks in a wide range of different projects.
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Projects + Specs

The latest projects with product specifications

The PAE Living Building

The PAE Living Building is the first developer-driven and largest commercial urban Living Building i... More

Étage CL - A fun and Stimulating Workspace!

Taktik Design continues its transformation of Collège Sainte-Anne. After having completely renovated the oldest of the buildings on-site, which dates back to 1860, this new development will take place in the adjacent building (which was constr... More
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Office Furniture Teknion Classroom Furniture & Office Chairs Steelcase Couch Element de base Cabinetry Les Boisseliers Beans Bags LOVASI Interior Lighting Lumentruss

Villa Z

It was only one sentence : "I want to have an open feeling into a protected house from the sights of neighborhood". So it was a challenge between this privacy need from the client and my belief in an open and a lighty architecture. Doublespace Pho... More
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Faucets GROHE Insulation ROCKWOOL International A/S Door Handles Olivari B. spa Air Conditioners Carrier Kitchen Hacker Kitchens India Sanitary Jacob Delafon

USP Athens Studio

The office is located on the ground floor of an apartment building on Lykavittou Street, in Kolonaki, Athens. The apartment building was designed in 1947, by Emmanuel Vourekas and Renos Koutsouris. On the initial plan, the space was a 150 square mete... More
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lighting Delight - Zefkilis Bros Co. Metalwork Alfa Metal Interior floors Giapoutzis Office furniture Inmind lighting Luce Ataliotis Fabrics Sarlas


Located inside a farm in the region of Campinas, the building called SPA was an existing construction.The original project, in which we participated, dates from the year 2005 and needed some interventions. Bicubico, Gabriel Neri Faim Bicubico... More
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Interior Furniture Artefacto Interior Furniture Breton Interior Furniture Entreposto Outdoor Furniture Franccino Interior Furniture Lider Interiores Interior Lighting Lumini

EP House

The clients purchased a beautiful property on the top of a mountain and facing a permanent environmental preservation reserve. They wanted a place where they could appreciate nature and enjoy family gatherings on weekends. Located on a steep slo... More
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Porcelain Tile Floor
Brasilia Concreto Ci... and Ble silk by Portobello S.A.
Torcello Dark Blue by By Kamy
Duomo Plus by Deca
Proa by Fernando Jaeger
Kitchen Sink
Cuba Simples CS-40 by Mekal
Interior Lighting
RK.01003 by Reka Iluminação

How It’s Made

The stories behind a project

Double Bay

Double Bay

Sydney NSW, Australia
Stories by

Featured Story
TKD Architects in association with Saota have perfectly blurred the lines between internal and exter... More
by VITROCSA as Windows manufacturer
Set in a north-facing cove in Sydney’s vast natural harbour, the site borders a... More
by SAOTA as Architects
Featured Story
TKD Architects in association with Saota have perfectly blurred the lines betwee... More
by VITROCSA as Windows manufacturer
10 Aug 2022 News

Haydon Xi’an by Salone Del Salon is an artistic tribute to Retro, Sci-fi and Fantasy

Haydon, a multi-brand cosmetics retailer recently opened its doors to a striking, new retail space in the city of Xi’an. Designed by Salone Del Salon, the project goes beyond the definition of a typical commercial space and integrates the brand... More


By Nomic Private Houses Mexico 2022

In the limits of San Ignacio, Nayarit, the office had the opportunity to contribute and take a seat at the table for the development of Barajas. There, where self-construction is locality and tradition, seeking an adequate integration with the contex... More
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Tanque hueso 4.8 L and Taza redonda hueso 4... by Dicalidad
LED MR16 by Philips Lighting Signify
Fregadero Eb C200 by EBtecnica
Grifo Solvex Sp-8006... by Solvex
10 Aug 2022 News

Rohingya Cultural Memory Centre by Rizvi Hassan is an ode to indigenous way of living

Located on a hilltop in the middle of a refugee camp area, The Rohingya Cultural Memory Centre, designed by Rizwi Hassan is a repository of culture, values, art and stories of displaced communities. The design followed a participatory approach where... More

Products behind Projects

Richards Buell Sutton

By Aura Office Offices Canada 2022

Aura Office’s latest project with Richards Buell Sutton is the complete redesign and build-out... More
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Reception & Café Counter, Kitchen & Staff Room Details Lunchroom Lighting Reception Lighting
LINK pendantTHE HORIZONTAL LINK... and Bennington Pendant by hollis+morris
Wall & Ceiling Paint
Winter White 2140-70 by Benjamin Moore
Vinyl Wood Planks & Carpet Tile Flooring Interface
10 Aug 2022 News

CoBe Architecture and Paysage design a Residential Complex with an Interplay of Solid and Void

Located near the Bordeaux Saint-Jean railway station, Tri Postal Block designed by CoBe architecture and Paysage comprises 33 social housing units and 44 housing units for sale. The residential complex gets its name from the former mail-sorting build... More
10 Aug 2022 News

Studio Coplanar renovates a countryside house in a white and azure palette

Located in the countryside of downtown Brazil, Serrana House designed by Studio Coplanar is a 30-year-old small house that had remained unused for ten years until the owners decided to renovate it into a holiday retreat. Built on the highest point of... More


Products we think you should see
Thermory Benchmark thermo red oak
Thermally modified red oak – exclusive hardwood with inherent beauty and sophistication Thermally modified red oak is a pre...
Ethereal Dusk
The bluish tone in the interior of each of its veins gives it a modern touch that, in combination with its avant-garde geometric d...
CUPACLAD® 201 Vanguard
Characterised by its contemporary design, the CUPACLAD® 201 VANGUARD rainscreen cladding system marries large format slates wi...
Structured and soft like a basket of pillows, Shaal wraps around us in a welcoming embrace, inviting tactility and warmth into any...
The MOZAIX is no doubt the eyecatcher of the coming season!The warm, noble wooden grids with royal measurements in deep oiled maho...
Barrisol Light
The system Barrisol Lumière (light) brings a bright ceiling to you for enlightens whole or a part of your rooms. Thanks to its uni...