10 buildings designed with integrated PV panels
Leonhard Hilzensauer

10 buildings designed with integrated PV panels

6 Jun 2023  •  Specification  •  By Gerard McGuickin

Photovoltaic (PV) panels convert solar energy from the sun into electricity. Recognized as a source of natural and clean energy that is helping to reduce carbon emissions and address climate change, the use of photovoltaic power is expanding rapidly across many sectors.

PV panels are commonly integrated into a roof’s structure — however, they can also be fitted as part of a building’s facade. PV roof tiles are solar panels designed to look and function like commonplace roofing materials. Their design ensures they are seamlessly combined with a roof’s standard tiles. Read more about photovoltaic roof tiles on Archello.


Embracing and harnessing solar energy, this list provides a selection of residential buildings, office buildings, and an innovative solar pavilion, designed with integrated PV panels.


1. Haus B

photo_credit Brigida González
Brigida González
SunStyle Solar Roof (Europe)
SunStyle Solar Roof is

In Haus B by Yonder – Architektur und Design, the roof is clad in photovoltaic shingles that harvest energy and serve as a water-resistant covering. The inclusion of these PV tiles is in keeping with the home’s contemporary design.


2. Glanhof 1


The solar design for Glanhof 1 by Architects Collective cleverly integrates PV panels into the glass facade, making the building virtually energy autonomous.


3. The Black House

photo_credit Miran Kambič
Miran Kambič

The Black House by Arhitektura d.o.o. discreetly incorporates PV panels on its roof, blending with the overall architecture. 


4. New-Blauhaus


This modern energy efficiency center on the campus of Hochschule Niederrhein university in Mönchengladbach, Germany, incorporates a sculptural facade made of photovoltaic elements. Designed by kadawittfeldarchitektur, the PV panels are adjusted according to the orientation and occurrence of solar radiation; the shiny blue panels also give the building its name.


5. Haus Hoinka

photo_credit Brigida González
Brigida González

In Haus Hoinka by Atelier Kaiser Shen, electricity is generated by solar panels integrated into the roof as a complete water-bearing layer. Read more about Haus Hoinka on Archello.


6. Hanwha HQ

photo_credit © Rohspace
© Rohspace

UNStudio remodeled a number of facets of the Hanwha headquarters in Seoul, including the building’s facade. Angled glazing acts as shading from the sun and PV cells are positioned to receive optimal levels of sunlight.


7. Living Warehouse

photo_credit Charles Bouchaib
Charles Bouchaib

The historic structure of Living Warehouse by Haddock Architecture is enhanced and reused to support the photovoltaic roof of the house.


8. Max & Moore

photo_credit Ossip van Duivenbode
Ossip van Duivenbode

Designed by Mei architects and planners, Max (in black) and Moore (in white) are two analogous office buildings that make use of integrated PV panels in their respective facades.


9. PTT Binnenrotte


In PTT Binnenrotte by Orange Architects, roof tiles were replaced with solar slates made by EXASUN. The neutral, dark color ensures the photovoltaic panels are almost invisible.


10. Solar Pavilion

photo_credit Aiste Rakauskaite
Aiste Rakauskaite

The main pavilion of Dutch Design Week 2022 was a collaboration with the first edition of The Solar Biennale. Counterbalancing prevailing technological and economic views on solar energy, the pavilion was “imagined as a space to experience the poetic power of the sun [and] an energetic meeting place where visitors could experience the sensory nature of solar energy.” The pavilion was designed by V8 architects in conjunction with Marjan van Aubel Studio.