10 interiors with dramatic spiral staircases
Tim Van de Velde

10 interiors with dramatic spiral staircases

23 May 2023  •  Specification  •  By Gerard McGuickin

A spiral staircase is one that turns or curves around a solid or open central axis. In a contemporary home, it is often a sculptural highlight that serves as an architectural connector across floors. The spiral staircase is the perfect addition in compact areas; it can also make an impression in larger spaces. The versatile nature of a spiral staircase renders it ideal for duplexes and storied properties: there is a great deal of flexibility in terms of its placement. The materials used in making spiral staircases will vary depending on the context. They include: concrete, glass, steel, tiles, and wood. A handrail is optional, but may in fact form an integral part of the structure.

Spiral staircases come in varied shapes and sizes. However, to truly make an entrance, the dramatic spiral staircase is a must-have, as shown in these examples.


1. Hangzhou Spiral Villa


The Hangzhou Spiral Villa by Tsutsumi and Associates incorporates a sinuous spiral staircase with a strong centripetal force — it can be seen from many vantage points across the house.


2. Thomé Beira da Silva House

photo_credit Leonardo Finotti
Leonardo Finotti

The Thomé Beira da Silva House by Marcos Bertoldi Arquitetos is anchored by a bold helical wooden staircase that rises from a spacious living area to the bedrooms.


3. House in Goshikiyama

photo_credit Toshiyuki Yano
Toshiyuki Yano

House in Goshikiyama by Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates features a bright, open spiral staircase. It acts to connect a number of levels and functions in a home with a small footprint.


4. House Dede

photo_credit Tim Van de Velde
Tim Van de Velde

In House Dede by OYO Architects, a sculptural spiral staircase extends through a circular hole in the concrete ceiling: the effect is truly impressive.


5. FVS Home Office

photo_credit Kiearch

The sculpted spiral staircase in the FVS home office by JXA Studio is a singular focal point of the property.


6. House in Ashiya

photo_credit Kazunori Fujimoto
Kazunori Fujimoto

In House in Ashiya by Kazunori Fujimoto Architect & Associates, a concrete spiral staircase softens an otherwise minimal space. The center of this unique staircase is a straight line.


7. 28 Old Fulton Street

photo_credit Tom Judge Photography
Tom Judge Photography

In 28 Old Fulton Street by Nandinee Phookan Architects, a serpentine steel staircase is a prepossessing feature in this duplex apartment.


8. Casa Iker

photo_credit Iñaki Bergera
Iñaki Bergera

An architectural sculpture, the spiral staircase in Casa Iker by Tangram Arquitectura + Diseño rises through a double-height space.


9. Llacuna

photo_credit José Hevia
José Hevia

Llacuna by ARQUITECTURA-G is a multi-family building featuring a graphic spiral staircase with a precise circular geometry.


10. Penthouse in Prague

photo_credit BoysPlayNice

In this Penthouse in Prague by Petrjanda/Brainwork, a suspended steel staircase is inserted into an elliptical cut-out in the ceiling and very much steals the show.