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Le Sirene

by Forme d'Acqua

Forme d’Acqua will be presenting a new concept of indoor fountain, interactive, highly technological and sustainable. With essential design it adds to water the bewitching power of sound and the charm of fine materials, skilfully shaped by expert craftsmen.

Le Sirene, a new collection of indoor fount

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Product Name
Le Sirene
Simona Marta Favrin
Forme d'Acqua

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Architectural glass
Decorative glass
Street furniture
Fountains and accessories

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Forme d’Acqua will be presenting a new concept of indoor fountain, interactive, highly technological and sustainable. With essential design it adds to water the bewitching power of sound and the charm of fine materials, skilfully shaped by expert craftsmen.

Le Sirene, a new collection of indoor fountains was created combining new technologies and design, creativity and profound knowledge of materials, first of all water, which, if used with experience and professionally, is able to fascinate, captivate, create emotions.

The water glides over the finest marble and glass crafted by hand and magnifies the beauty of this unique surfaces, worked whit artisan care, making these fountains exclusive home accessories.

Thanks for the use of the most cutting-edge technologies, the fountain is able to sense your approach and react with feeling: their rate increases and the water flows with greater intensity. They interact with the brightness of the environment, whilst maintaining a dynamic balance aimed at maximum beauty effect with the lowest power consumption.

An intuitive dedicated web interface, allows you to control and manage directly from smartphones and tablets all the functions, including the opportunity to listen your music or receive messages from your Sirena which informs you about its state.

We believe in a sustainability beauty.

We have chosen durable materials which originates from natures; simple elements that lend themselves to life in an aquatic environment naturally. 

At the planning and at the realization of the machinery there are to much attention of reliability and sustainability.

It is extremely compact and silent, Le Sirene of Forme d’Acqua has an integrated operating system, which is invisible. German technology with high efficient, make safety and reliability and allow us to contain the water and electrical consumption. The OASE water recycling pump is silent and has an energy consumption that can be compared to an A++ appliance.

Forme d’Acqua - Venice fountains

The design, construction and manufacturing of indoor and outdoor fountains.

“Our business has deep and precise origins in the territory from which we come from, Venice, the city built on water, arsenal of art and craftsmen. Water is a constant presence and our source of inspiration.

The love for landscape which fulfils our eyes with beauty every day, combined with our peculiar creativity, leads us to experiment with water, such a familiar element and so rich in potential.

We design and build our fountains in Venice, continuing the ancient tradition known throughout the world for its masks, nautical carpentry and Murano glass art.

We are artisans of water, which does not have its own form but, if treated with wisdom and originality, can fascinate, entertain, leave breathless, just like Venice.”


Simona Marta Favrin

Architect, designer and landscape architect

She is a passionate expert of artistic glass, she has an in-depth knowledge of the material, methods and techniques of glass production, she collaborated with the Abate Zanetti Glass School, with Consorzio Promovetro Murano and with important Murano Glass Masters, both in the glass design and in the design of promotional and exhibition spaces. She has pursued numerous projects, curated and organised exhibitions.

With Forme dʼAcqua, she has come closer to water, designing both outdoor and indoor spaces, by applying design to greenery and water, and creating fountains and installations in which she experiments the combination of water and glass.

“Every design stems from a challenge and a passion. In this case, the challenge consisted in creating an “emotional” object that would create empathy with the people sharing the space, become part of their world and unleash emotions. It had to be something you would miss. The passion concerns the materials use, glass, steel, marble and – last but not least – water, that has the power to calm and seduce, revoking ancestral feelings”

Le Sirene

The new series of Le Sirene indoor fountains consists of two lines, “Vetro” [glass] and “Marmo” [marble]. The choice of the finest materials and the quality of workmanship are key to this project.

The choice of fine materials and the quality in manufacturing are the cornerstones of this project.

You can choose your Sirena among ten models, which differ in material and finishes of the shell.


The panes of glass used for the Vetro line are made by hand on the island of Murano, by master glass maker, Nicola Moretti.

With a solid experience in the manufacture of artistic glass, made with strips (canne) or millefiori (murrino), and a tradition of glass-making in his family dating back to the nineteenth century, Nicola combines technical mastery with the desire to give Murano glass a totally new and innovative look.

His use of different techniques and styles, mixing modern with traditional, and his constant experiments, have led him to work with designers and artists from all over the world.

The panes created with Simona Favrin for Forme d'Acqua are characterized by a strong plasticity: murrine, pure gold, adventurine and granules of different granularity create surfaces with strong visual impact on which the water glides, embellishing with reflections and motion.

“When I work with glass, I want to create something entirely new in line with the wishes of my customers and the my family tradition. I do it out of passion and devotion. The thing that pushes me to look constantly for new challenges is a dose of healthy masochism and the desire to create something beautiful, above all for myself.”

His works bear the hallmark Vetro Artistico® Murano, which is not only a guarantee for the buyer, but also allows artistic glass from Murano to be recognised in time with the quality and beauty that make it totally unique.


The marmo line includes a limited series in marble from the Henraux - Luce di Carrara collection.

With a tradition dating back to the nineteenth century, in the cradle of the stone-working tradition, Carrara, Henraux works with unique, top-quality materials with extraordinary artisan and industrial dexterity, placing marble at the centre of a design project that adds a contemporary touch to tradition. The marble used for the Le Sirene collection is chosen for its exclusive aesthetic quality, in colours that go from delicate mixtures of grey to bolder shades with sophisticated vein markings.

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