• Endless applications
  • A variety of colours (6!)
  • Phenomenal flexibility: 360°/90°
  • High-quality optical lens technology
  • Minimalistic design



Product Name
Modular Lighting Instruments

Product Type

Interior Lighting
Ceiling Lamps, Wall lamps and Spotlights

Product Specs

Light source
Lighting type
Metal, Aluminium
  • Endless applications
  • A variety of colours (6!)
  • Phenomenal flexibility: 360°/90°
  • High-quality optical lens technology
  • Minimalistic design

Our new miniature spot is an extremely simple cylinder-shaped light fixture with a lot to show. Endless applications, a variety of rich colours, phenomenal yogic flexibility. A deep-recessed light source for a glare-free light effect. To express a refined and minimalistic look & feel on walls or low ceiling executions, or to add on, as a stylish companion on our Pista track system. This little spot will make a big impression.

Standalone, or as part of our new Pista track rail.

Impossible to overlook for new or renovation projects in high-end residential or hospitality environments, Minude is the evolution of the idea of creating a high-end, simple luminaire that works elegantly in many spaces. On the ceiling or the wall with a semi-recessed fixture, or on our newest Pista track system as a 48V track spot. 

The intriguing luminaire with flair.

Minude is a stripped-down cylinder that unveils beauty in minimalism. Only the essentials have survived the design. The sharp thin rim of Minude’s cylindrical shape has a curved inner side that snuggles up to the glass lens. Its intriguing deep-recessed, glare-free light source makes it unobtrusive from far, but far from unseen.

Colours that will adorn any application.

Minude comes in a set of pleasing anodized colours. Anodized black, silver, silver bronze and champagne, and powder-painted black and white structure. Minude’s warm and vivid colours, finished with a grinding process, stand out and look stunning just about anywhere.

Lens technology with glass that lasts.

Minude is equipped with sophisticated high-quality optical technology. The durable glass lens withstands heat far better than plastic, doesn’t become brittle or turn into a yellowish hue. Finally, this glass lens is the ultimate protection against dust or fatty substances.

Flexibility beyond expectations.

A beautifully concentrated light circle can be pointed anywhere, thanks to the extreme adjustability of Minude. It can be turned 360°, and tilted at a 90° angle, at a parallel position to the ceiling or to the wall. This epic flexibility is an open invitation for dramatic and artistic expressions.

Connected lighting. For precise control.

Like all our connected lights, Minude can be controlled remotely with our Hue system. As an app, a tap switch, a dimmer switch or a motion sensor. The spot reaches a high quality of light of CRI90+, with an output of + 600lm. With 2 colour temperatures (2700K/3000K), and a dimmable function. 

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