Lutron Electronics Co. Inc., experts in light control, is pleased to announce the launch of its new total light management solution, Quantum. Using the latest in light technology, Quantum can minimise the energy consumption and use of electric light




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Interior Lighting
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Lutron Electronics Co. Inc., experts in light control, is pleased to announce the launch of its new total light management solution, Quantum. Using the latest in light technology, Quantum can minimise the energy consumption and use of electric light within commercial buildings and reduce costs by up to 60% .

With lighting accounting for up to 33% of total electricity consumption in commercial buildings, Quantum provides an opportunity for facilities managers and building owners to reduce both energy consumption and operating costs. In addition, the use of highly efficient dimming allows users to even dim fluorescent lights down to 1% of full light output. Quantum is fully scaleable and can control light levels and usage across multiple floors, whole buildings and entire campuses throughout corporate, industrial and public sector facilities.

Lutron Energy Suite Quantum consists of a range of products from the Lutron energy suite that allow users to configure, control and monitor all electric and daylight within a building to save money and energy. These products include Hyperion™ solar adaptive shading which automatically adjusts and repositions Lutron Sivoia® QS window shades based on the sun’s position throughout the day to effectively manage daylight within a commercial space. Hyperion ensures ultimate control of light levels while removing glare and reducing solar heat gain by up to 30% and heat loss by up to 29% .

Lutron’s new Radio Powr Savr™ and Rania® Wireless RF Switch, is an innovative, wireless sensor and switch designed for easy installation. Designed to provide optimum savings by automatically turning the lights off when a space such as a conference room, small office, staffroom, classroom or cloakroom is unoccupied, the Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensor requires no wiring and can be installed in a matter of minutes and provide.

GRAFIK Eye QS® also forms part of the energy suite that can be controlled by Quantum. Lutron’s GRAFIK Eye QS, a preset light and shade control system is also now available with wireless technology. As with Sivoia QS and Lutron’s Radio Powr Savr this enables seamless integration and facilitates installation, reducing costs further and allowing the range to be easily retrofitted within existing buildings.

Lutron’s Energi Savr Node controls light by connecting occupancy sensors, daylight sensors and wallstations to DALI (digitally addressable light interface) ballasts. Additional Energi Savr Node modules can be linked together to allow integrated control of several floors. The system is totally scalable as it can be linked to Lutron’s Quantum® solution for whole-building light management.

Quantum also includes Green Glance™, a display software package which provides real-time and historic reporting on energy savings within a building. Providing information on energy consumption, current cost savings as well as potential future light savings, Green Glance can educate as well as motivate employees to be energy efficient and socially responsible. Businesses can also use Green Glance as part of their corporate social responsibility programme by displaying the economic and environmental benefits of using Quantum, such as money saved, CO2 not emitted, or tons of coal preserved. On top of this, they can use Green Glance software to display other environmentally efficient facts about their buildings such as details on waste reduction programs or water efficiency systems. This total light control solution allows for the effective management of electric light and daylight within a given space, lowering energy costs and improving employee comfort and productivity levels at the same time.

Increased productivity The flexibility of Quantum not only aids with the reduction of energy consumption but also helps to increase employee productivity. With 90% of information received visually, having the right light for the job is crucial. Research indicates that people are 5% - 10% more productive working in their preferred light level. This equates to 10-17 extra work days per employee per year . Quantum’s shade control eliminates harsh sun glare and heat, making employees more productive and comfortable. In addition, the introduction of light level tuning, as well as scene and zone controls, allow users to have complete control over their working environment. Pre-programmed light scenes, and the ability to raise and lower the brightness of individual light zones at the touch of a button, makes for a more comfortable and versatile working environment.

Quantum is a total light management solution with enhanced capabilities that bring unprecedented flexibility, power and versatility to commercial light control. Jennifer Suarez, marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Lutron comments: “Quantum is the ultimate in light control management. This system not only improves comfort and productivity within a commercial environment but also saves energy. With the versatility to control such a variety of elements, every commercial installation should look to take advantage of the benefits afforded by this product.”


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