Office Sanofi HQ Latam

Office Sanofi HQ Latam

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Fernando Alda

Sanofi HQ Latam

Arquiluz as Lighting Design, Lighting Control and Audiovisual Systems

The global design firm Arquiluz signed the lighting design, lighting control system and audiovisuals for the new Sanofi headquarters in Panama, designed by Mallol Arquitectos.


The headquarters of Sanofi in Latin America is a unique space, both for the conception of its program and its final aspect. It is an office that is based on avant-garde design criteria and that seeks the well-being and involvement of the collaborator.


The offices are divided into two floors. They are the workspace and collaboration of up to 350 people, however it only has about 180 traditional jobs. This is because there is no fixed position. Sanofi team members have a wide variety of areas to meet, work, rest and share. Each of these areas adapted to the type of work, meeting or activity that is needed. They are highly flexible offices with very versatile areas.


The investment made in trying to minimize energy expenditure and the footprint we leave on the planet is remarkable. Arquiluz designed for this purpose a light control system that works by sensors and allows the intensity regulation according to the time or incision of sunlight. In addition, the offices are designed with a highly efficient air conditioning system and adjustable by zone.


Regarding the design of their appearance and materiality, the Mallol Arquitectos team relied mainly on Biophilia. They tried to evoke the nature of the area to improve the user's sensory well-being by reconnecting it with its primitive environment. The coral colors of the fabrics, the blue ocean tones, the greens of the lush vegetation and carpet, the wood in the furniture and the enormous amount of posts flooded by sunlight transfer you to a distinctive tropical ecosystem of Panama and much of Latinamerica.


Together we have tried to recreate spaces that can occur normally in nature, such as; caves, refuge spaces to relax or plains, large open spaces to give a sense of freedom. In this way, there are different environments that encourage thinking, being creative, collaborating, resting or reflecting.

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