Door handles


Door Handles

Door hardware like door handles, doorknobs, door levers, door pulls, and door push bars can enhance the look of the doors in which they are installed, while serving the very practical purpose of making the opening and closing of doors more convenient for users. When getting door handles and other door hardware, it is important to consider if these can be easily used by people of various ages. Children and elderly people, for instance, will be better served by door handles and door levers that only need to be lightly pushed or pulled down to open doors.

Different types of doors may require to be fitted with different types of door handles and other door hardware. With front doors, security is a major concern, and so the door handles used for front doors have to either have strong lock features with or without key functionality - many smart locks have remote and keyless operations - or need to be fitted in conjunction with such locksets. Door hardware on interior doors may have key lock features and bolts for privacy, but, if that is not a concern, these doors can make do with door handles and door levers that only need to be pushed, pulled, or twisted to give access.

Metals commonly used to manufacture door hardware include aluminium, stainless steel, bronze, brass, and zinc alloy. Door handles, door knobs, and door levers for exterior doors, interior doors, emergency doors, and furniture doors come in a multitude of shapes, styles, and finishes, and most customers should have no trouble in finding the right door hardware to go along with the overall design of their property. Door handles in modern, contemporary, rustic, traditional, and antique designs are available, and many manufacturers offer a warranty, commonly of one to five years, for the product, so that defective door handles can be returned for better ones and customer satisfaction can remain high.

If looking to replace door hardware, it is advisable to get adjustable door handles, doorknobs, and door levers that can be fitted into the already made installation holes in the doors. Door handles can be installed as single pieces or as double pieces on double doors.

Spotlight Brand - FSB

Franz Schneider Brakel (FSB) is a German company with a long-standing and well-earned reputation of producing beautifully crafted door hardware of aluminium, bronze, stainless steel, and brass. Their door handles, door levers, door knobs, door pulls, and door push bars manage to be both timeless and innovative in their design, combining a classical look with practical functionality.

FSB door handles and other door hardware are suitable for entrance doors, interior doors, emergency doors, and furniture doors. These are sturdy and durable products, and, once installed, may give lifetime value. This is one of the reasons why FSB remains popular with customers.

In addition, FSB products are manufactured according to ecologically sustainable and safe guidelines, and any negative environmental impact of each product is kept to a minimum.

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