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Interior doors are usually installed for privacy, protection, space division, and sound reduction. They come in a range of traditional, modern, and customized styles, making it possible to find door designs to suit almost any type of interior decor. Single doors, double doors, bi-folding doors, and sliding doors can be used as interior doors. These doors may be solid, molded or paneled - with wooden veneers or glass panels. In addition to distinctive door designs, buyers should look for interior doors that are durable and easy to maintain. Buyers should pay particular attention to interior door hardware as well. There is no dearth in interior door hardware designs either, and matching good quality door hardware with well-made interior doors can provide buyers with long-lasting security and satisfaction.


In residential and commercial properties, interior doors are installed to demarcate and separate interior spaces. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, sitting rooms, storerooms, libraries, and studies in residential homes are more likely to have interior doors, as do offices, storerooms, lounges, libraries, and bathrooms in commercial premises. Aside from offering privacy, interior doors cordon off areas for convenience. For instance, installing a glass door between a kitchen and a dining room can keep cooking smells and noises restricted to the kitchen area and can give diners a quieter, more pleasant eating experience.


Installing a glass door between a home library and a hallway serves pretty much the same purpose. People can have a quiet haven to read or work in, and, at the same time, the glass interior doors allow them to remain cognizant of anything that is happening outside. A glass door also looks good and lets in natural light, giving an impression of continuing space. It is therefore helpful in limited space properties.


While interior doors can be made to customized order, buyers can also purchase pre-made interior doors that come with hinges in their own frames, ready to fit into an existing doorway. These interior doors are made to standard doorway sizes and may only need a slight amount of customization for an exact fit.


Spotlight Brand : Scrigno


Scrigno produces innovative sliding doors that make optimum use of space. Unlike conventional sliding doors, the doors produced by Scrigno are set in an exclusive, patented frame that allows them to slide and completely disappear into the wall. The modular frame is made of Aluzinc® and comes with a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.


The disappearing sliding doors can be installed in plasterboard as well as masonry walls, and come in one door and two door designs that can be customized to exact size specifications and fitted with the desired door hardware. Both panel sliding doors and glass sliding doors are available. The glass door design is particularly recommended for shower cubicles, and works well too as an entry way for offices, shops, verandahs, and terraces.


In addition to the practical functionality of saving interior space, Scrigno sliding interior doors have an undeniable elegance that most homeowners and designers will appreciate.


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