360° LAB

360° LAB

INNOCAD architecture
Graz, Austria | View Map
Project Year
Paul Ott
Product Spec Sheet

ElementBrandProduct Name
Furniture - LJ3 PET Felt StoolDe Vorm
Office Chair – Rollingframe 44Alias
Furniture – Hug Sofaarflex
ManufacturersProstoria Ltd.
ManufacturersWEVER & DUCRÉ
Acoustic Lighting – Sonic, Lighting – BO 55Xal GmbH

Product Spec Sheet
Furniture - LJ3 PET Felt Stool
Office Chair – Rollingframe 44
Furniture – Hug Sofa
Acoustic Lighting – Sonic, Lighting – BO 55
Sonic by Xal GmbH

360° LAB

INNOCAD architecture as Architects

360° LAB is an innovation lab comprised of a series of integrative and flexible spaces meant to foster ingenuity and pioneering ideas. Spread out across 4 levels, the office workshop consists of joint communication zones, socialization areas, collaborative and silent working spots, meeting rooms, and lounges – all housed within a historic building in Graz. Creative environments suitable for design thinking and product development are explored through the tensions between the existing building and new additions. From the bottom level to the top, the floors transition from having a social and collaborative concentration to more focused and silent working spaces. This organization is reinforced through the notion of color psychology, where colors are strategically used to promote and evoke feelings that correspond to functional usage. Yellow, gray, blue, and green are each utilized in relation to specific levels to emphasize and support the specific kind of working atmosphere there. Monochromatic islands are another primary design concept, formed as carpet-defined zones upon which new elements can be respectfully placed, allowing for the preservation and elevation of the historic. Existing building walls, doors, floors, and structure remain untouched – complemented by modern additions placed within the bounds of the islands. The result is a series of rooms with self-sufficient, functional, and colorful areas dedicated to specific working stages.



Material Used :
1. XAL – Acoustic Lighting – Sonic 
2. Wever & Ducre– Lighting & Furniture Collection – Rock Collection
3. BuzziSpace – Acoustic Furniture - BuzziBalance
4. Quinze & Milan - Furniture – Pilot Stool
5. Alias – Office Chair – Frame 52_471
6. Fatboy – Furniture - Fatboy
7. Arflex – Furniture – Hug Sofa
8. De Vorm – Furniture - LJ3 PET Felt Stool
9. Prostoria – Furniture – Polygon 240 x 90
10. Jess Design – Furniture - Earl
11. XAL – Lighting – BO 55
12. Wever & Ducre – Lighting - Wiro

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