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This office building although not very tall, in its context will become the tallest building in the entire precinct. Situated amidst low rise development in a rapidly urbanizing city, Ahmedabad in India, the new rules for increasing the density necessitated a tall structure in a location where the earlier prevalent rules allowed a maximum height of 36 meters with a ratio of being allowed to build upto 2.5 times the plot area. The new development rules allow the buildable area to be 4 times the plot size and height controls have been increased to a maximum of 75 meters. Located at the junction of two arterial city roads, retail spaces were to be maximized at the ground level as per the client’s brief, with a provision of small offices varying from 100 sq. meters to 300 sq. meters at the upper levels. The city being predominantly ground +3 levels the concept revolved around the creation of spaces similar to low-rise development with organic streets between them interspersed with landscaped spaces within a high rise tower. The office spaces at each level are therefore fragmented with smaller spaces with 3 to 4 level elevated organic streets that vary on each level linking them together. To further provide each office with an individual open landscaped space, these office blocks are terraced with most terraces facing the north and a few lacing the east and west. The widest road fronting the office building is on the southern side and while the terraces would have more openness along the road frontage, this has deliberately not been done to avoid the excessive heat gain into the offices from the south since the average temperatures in the city are in excess of 35°Celcius. Agashiyan is derived contextually from its site imbibing the organic characteristics of low rise development within its high rise design solution in conformity with the revised city development rules, allowing its users to get the advantages of low rise architecture. The landscaped spaces the design generates are 2 times the size of the plot with community level and individual level garden spaces.

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