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Artadi Arquitecto

Javier Artadi
Lima, Peru
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Artadi Arquitecto

Javier Artadi

Beach house in “Las Palmeras”

Artadi Arquitecto as Architects

The project is located at 125 km south of Lima city in a beach named “Las Palmeras”.

The house is organized into three levels: the first level contains all service areas, garage and guest rooms; the second level comprises the house principal rooms; and the third one is intended to be the social areas: kitchen, living-room, dining-room, terrace and swimming pool.

The underlying conceptual proposal seeks to reduce to the minimum the architectonic shapes and forms so as to concentrate all the sight-seeing force on the upper volume, principal figure which seems to be wishing to float over the other levels of the house.

Beach House in Las Palmeras

Javier Artadi as Architects

This house, located in Las Palmeras beach, seventy five miles south of Lima, is built on land in front of an earth and sand hill and parallel to the coastline.

The project organizes the program into three levels: the first contains all the service areas, garages and guest bedrooms, the second contains the main bedrooms and the third boasts the social areas (kitchen, living room, terrace and pool).

The proposal seeks to minimize the architectural forms that group together the entire visual focus in the top volume, a tray that seems to float above the rest of the house.

In this operation, the first floor has been covered with stone, leaving the second level mostly glass and aluminum as a connection between the base and tray suspended on the top floor.

Given its strategic location, the house offers a beautiful view of the seascape of the Pacific Ocean.

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