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Bohemian Suites Athens

Bohemian Suites Athens

Ismini Karali Design
Kolonaki, Athens, Greece | View Map
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Bohemian Suites Athens

Ismini Karali Design as Architects

Designed by Interior Architect Ismini Karali, the eight-suite bunker in Kolonaki, it was an abandoned four-storey neoclassical building just half a kilometer from Dexameni Square, including a neglected indoor garden. The history of the building supports the primary character of an Athenian, urban environment of the last century.

It is an impressive residence that after its renovation welcomes the visitors to an atmosphere of eclecticism and genuine Greek hospitality, filtered through a contemporary aesthetic of luxury, in which visitors can create their own memories through the warmth and the elegance of this Athenian building.

Interior Architect Ismini Karali, with great care and respect, made sure that the building was renovated in terms of both functionality and elegance, while ensuring the comfort and privacy of the visitors.

Moving away from the minimalist aesthetic that usually represents the recent period, the Interior Architect has introduced a selection of elements that combine eclecticism with austerity.

The fusion of this eclectic palette and the story unfolds with clear lines, textures and expressive colors: the old, well-preserved wooden floors, the impressive genuine plaster decorations on the ceilings, the ivory masonry staircase with handmade carpets and the visual nature of the spaces.

This combination of textures is also subtly reflected in the equally diverse selection of Mediterranean flora, such as palm trees, lemons, herbs and aloe vera, which gracefully surround the hotel's serene inner courtyard with green grace.

Architecturally, the design adheres to the simple language of neoclassical buildings, which is represented by thick building walls, high-ceilinged rooms and equally tall doors. The interior design incorporates art into the cleanliness of the lines and the luxurious feel of the materials.

The artistic décor is inspired by a palette of bright colors, luxurious fabrics and caring details inspired by Renaissance paintings.

The 8 suites are designed in a different way each, yet remaining in a single motif and with a carefully choreographed mix of past century architectures that make guests feel as if they were at a friend's house rather than at a hotel.

The suites are complemented by a charming tranquil, lush courtyard with authentic stone wall indicating the boundaries of the property, serving the breakfast buffet of the morning as well as resting guests during the rest of the day or night.

The interior design of the hotel is designed with the same discreet, eclectic aesthetic and intense elegance as the silent luxury, which gives the feeling of timelessness and authenticity and gives the impression that it has always been in this place.

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