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By Jove

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Twelve pieces of poems for BY JOVE

Mur Mur Lab as Architects

Joyce founded me someday with a request. She wanted to have a special florist space for her brand, BY JOVE, in Hangzhou.


Joyce is an interesting client. Such romantic and meaningful Preserved Flowers are endowed with a sense of intimacy and loveliness under her hands. It is rather a multifunctional space than a flower shop. It offers coffee, desserts, home accessories and floral curriculum. I felt determined that it would become the most phenomenon versatile future store design of Mur Mur Lab. We wrote twelve little poems threaded by a soft curve, in a warm and loving way.


It is a design started from the parts. I tried to describe the phenomenon of every scene while leaving the consideration of overall structure behind. What would the space look like when light shed through the gauze curtain? Would the dark blue sky glitter with mellowing starry light? Is it possible to freeze the moment of raindrops falling down? Those beautiful imagination came to our mind before the existence of the actual space. Here, the summation of every parts is greater than the whole.


The dramatic narrate begins before you enter. It is a piece of white and a splash of blue in the urban context. In the space, white is the ground color, which is the best color background for others. White of different textures are spread out along with the slightly curved path. All white, white gauze curtain, white cement, white terrazzo, white acrylic, become vibrant when they are rendered with the natural sunlight. Sunlight is the only light that makes architecture into a piece of art. The blue stays in-between white and white, like a pause, or a hint. Along with the spiral staircase, you seemed to leave the light behind. However, at the darkest point, you will see starry light upon you.

Initially, it is somewhere in nowhere.

Subsequently comes deeper nihility,

Beyond the nihility, is blue and darkness.


Please remember the daydream you walked through, as well as the enlightenment from the twelve little poems. As we ages, life would push us to become grown-ups, forgetting being naive and behaving like an adult. You will realize that there is no way to getting back. It is a matter of rejoice, we believe, to find childlike innocence in your inner world.

If you are keen enough, you will see the childlike innocence we hided in the space..

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