Casa CG

Casa CG

Nova Arquitectura as Architects

Located on the west side of Monterrey, in one of the most proliferate zones in the city, CG House is a project that breaks the monotony of the buildings around it, proposing a more aesthetic and contemporary solution to the needs of a young couple with children

Green spaces, natural light, and privileged views generate visual finishes of the architectural route, generated by the arrangement of the space.

The materiales define the public and private function in this residence, allowing the viewr to remember the intention of each space, inviting even, to contemplate them.

A staircase made from metalic structure and wooden footprints, becomes of the protagonists of the residence, as well as a double-height window, that pours it with natural lighting as it becomes a frame towards the mountains and the sunset.

Sliding glass walls give flexibility to the social area, generating a spacial continuity between the interior and exterior, as well as the posibiliy of expanding or contracting.

An honest architecture, in which the materiales and structural elements remain exposed, working hand in hand with stone and brick coatings, which provide warmts while honoring the industrial context of the city.

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