De Raden

De Raden

HVE Architecten
Den Haag, Netherlands | View Map
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De Raden, Den Haag Zuid-west

HVE Architecten as architect

In Den Haag South-West, the urban restructuring and housing project De Raden is surrounded by Dutch post-war 'wederopbouw' architecture. Renovated buildings and new buildings form an natural urban mix. The surrounding post-war architecture has been the inspiration for the architectural expression of the new dwellings. One of the characteristics of this architecture is the use of brickwork that is framed by a concrete façade structure. In the project De Raden a rational concrete grid provides the structure for a diverse façade, chosen by the individual inhabitants of the project. Not only offers De Raden the opportunity to choose your own façade configuration of brick and glass, but it also offers the possibility of different floor plans, including an optional third storey for the two storeys high dwellings. Because of the continuous three storeys high concrete grid throughout the project, future additions on the two storeys houses can easily be incorporated into the urban scheme.

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