Decolar Office

Decolar Office

Baueri, Brazil | View Map
Project Year
Renato Navarro

Pitá Arquitetura as Interior Architects

As being the largest online travel agency in Latin America, faced a huge growth during the last years in the Brazilian market, which required a bigger and more improved workplace, aligned with the company’s vision and Workstyle.


One of the biggest challenges during the project design process was creating a new space that fulfilled all of the employees’ expectations, as the old office was located in Guarulhos, and the new one in Barueri, both different cities in the metropolitan area of São Paulo.


Previously, all of the teams were located in separated rooms, but in this new space, they should be all together, in an open and fluid space, being this the reason why the rooms and all the space is curved, the curves guide and drive all of the people inside of the office through the space.


The workspaces are filled with graffiti and street art from artists based in São Paulo, connecting the office with the city’s culture. All these spaces are linked by the central work café, where people from different areas and floors can meet, rest, work, have lunch or even organize informal meetings at the cubes or in one of the sofas.


Material Used :
1. Concrete
2. Wood
3. Glass
4. Aluminum
5. Fabric
6. Vegetation

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