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Ecosmosis Exhibition Installation design

Ecosmosis Exhibition Installation design

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Ecosmosis Exhibition Installation design

LS/Architecture&Strategies as Exhibition Installation design

Location: Hellenic Cosmos Cultural Center, Athens. Groundfloor gallery.

Surface area: 650 sqm.

‘Ecosmosis’ explores the transdisciplinary field of experimental spatial practice. It is an art installation environment where twelve video-projections on floor interact with visitors on an audio and visual level. Videos present ecological design projects. ‘Ecosmosis’ environment looks at social ecosystems, the visual manifestation of people coming together forming collective entities. The interactive display of the videos generates a plan with square-patterns of active and inactive zones, offers information, and evokes play and surprise.

Exhibition installation design principles:

- To create an entrance area reflecting ‘Eco-osmosis,’ and a main dark exhibition area that evokes a rhythm of play and surprise through video projections on floor.

The first led to define and vividly illuminate entrance through green filters on existing light columns. The second directed to design inactive and active pattern on floor – an interplay of always dark and playfully informative rectangle areas. The latter are 12, each 3m X 4m, have motion capture cameras installed on ceiling of 3.5m high, allowing a specifically created interactive new media art work 'Osmotic World' to detect visitors’ movement and evoke audio and visual effects.

- Sustainability principles: immaterial means, minimal waste (rented projectors, PCs, graphic cards, motion capture cameras, infrared filters), two plexi-glass panels that remain in exhibition area, recyclable acrylic filters.

- Low budget: 7.000 €, 10,7 €/m2.

Architect: Lina Stergiou.

Collaborator: Maurice Benayoun, interactive art environment Osmotic World.

Project team architect: Stathoula Palivou.

Sound & visual interaction design implementation: interactive arts group THIS.PLAY a.k.a. Antoni Rayzhekoff & Emanuel Andel.

Curator: Lina Stergiou

Photos: Maurice Benayoun, Dimitris Giannoulakis

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