Google Madrid HQ
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Product Spec Sheet

Product Spec Sheet
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Google Madrid HQ

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The extensive fit out and refurbishment of Google’s Madrid HQ sets new standards in office interior design on the Iberian peninsula.


Jump Studios, a London based architecture practice with a recently launched satellite office in Lisbon, has completed Google’s new Madrid office using advanced materials to deliver a highly sustainable and inspiring new workplace for the company’s Iberian operations.


Jump Studios is currently shortlisted for the BD Architect of the Year 2013 Award in the Interior Architecture category for a range of projects including Google Madrid.


OVERVIEW The Google Madrid project comprises the fit out of two floors in one of Madrid’s mostprestigious high-rise buildings – Torre Picasso.


Working with the concept of a timber arched core element - a reference to the spatial andmaterial qualities of traditional Spanish architecture – the scheme has greatly improved theefficiency of the floorplate and created a highly characteristic ambience that is relaxed andsophisticated at the same time.


The office spaces now boast a higher degree of flexibility and functionality, which fulfil theaspirations of the client who wanted a unique and friendly workplace with local character.Now an approachable and usable space with a strong identity, productivity has greatlyincreased.


PROJECT DETAILS The lower of the two adjacent levels occupied by the client houses the main reception, lecturetheatre, canteen and a multi-functional area with fully equipped kitchen catering for the entireoffice.On the upper level can be found the bulk of the office space as well as more extensive breakoutspaces with room for games, additional informal presentation areas, shower facilities, amassage room and hammock area.


The overall layout and arrangement of particular spaces and elements has been carefullyconsidered and developed to suit the working style of the company in general while meetingthe more exact needs and requirements of the local workforce.The very specific acoustic requirements of the project for both the meeting rooms and theindividual video conferencing cabins necessitated the careful selection of subcontractors andthe very close co-ordination of all the teams involved to provide both robust and aestheticallypleasing solutions and details. The use of sustainable materials contributed to the project’sLEED Gold rating.


PROJECT DELIVERY & SUSTAINABILITY The project was delivered in five separate phases, which allowed the offices to remainopen throughout. It involved a high level of co-ordination and collaboration between thearchitectural, engineering and contracting teams – Jump Studios, Deerns and Construcía withstrong project management from Artelia Spain.


Edward sofa in Google Madrid

Bensen as Sofa

The name Edward is a reference to American mid century designer Edward Wormley. Edward is a contemporary reinterpretation of the mid century archetype Wormley
established. The sofa utilizes a number of new production techniques for improved comfort and a more refined profile.

The Edward sofa combines the use of several down-filled back cushions with a single seat cushion giving it an informal and relaxed appearance. The buttoned seat cushion
alludes to the Edward’s mid century roots, yet its proportions and comfort are distinctly contemporary. The backrest and arms are appropriately scaled to give excellent back support without appearing oversized and heavy, while the downfilled back cushions conform to give superb comfort. 

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