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Frederiksberg, Denmark
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Lundgaard & Tranberg as Architects


‘Kilen’ is based on the winning proposal from a closed two-stage architectural competition launched to select a proposal for both a structural plan for the future expansion of the entire CBS campus at Frederiksberg, and for a project for a new faculty building.

The campus area is situated on the former railway site near Frederiksberg Station, under which the metro now runs; the plan is for the development of the campus area to take place in 3-4 stages. The building is erected on a tapering building site framing the longitudinal main footpath through the campus area, and rounding off the campus area towards Solbjerg Stationsplads.


CBS’s existing building at Solbjerg Plads and the new faculty building, ‘Kilen’, span the full length of the new campus area.

As part of the overall plan, expansion of the campus area can take place in step with changing needs, ensuring at all times that the campus area retains its unified look, tied together by a few distinct landscape elements: a central promenade, gently undulating lawned grounds and a number of large groves of red oak.

‘Kilen’ takes its shape and name from its long, wedge-shaped geometry and consists of a sharp-cut prismatic 4-storey main body resting on an organically shaped one-storey base which ties the building together with the surrounding 125landscape. The two equal-ranking entrances to the building take the form of passages through softly modelled grass mounds.

The landscape is transported into the ground plan of the building, forming distinct amphi structures where the most outward-facing functions are placed – café, lounge and study places as well as access to conference facilities and large group rooms.

The building interior is organised as a shell-shaped atrium which runs through all five storeys as a unifying spatial focus. Daylight from lights in the roof plane is drawn through the atrium into the depth of the building. The atrium also forms part of the climatisation system which is based primarily on natural ventilation.

Internally, the building is arranged with a few fixed elements and a constructive tempo, which allows rooms of different sizes and characteristics to be laid out along the exterior facades of the building with access from the open distribution area around the atrium.

The exterior of the superstructure is characterised by storey-high shutters in various materials, resulting in an ever-changing look determined by the weather, the time of day or night and the changing seasons as well as the changing uses being made of the rooms behind the facade.


The primary construction is made of site-cast concrete as a column/panel construction with core bracing.

The facade consists of glass panels set in oak profiles and deck fronts in prefabricated concrete elements. The exterior sun screening consists of storey-high, pivot-suspended shutters made from ipé, tombac and matted glass in stainless steel frames.

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