KG Mimarlık
Istanbul, Turkey
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KG Mimarlık as Architects

The subject is the design of a group of buildings for Kumport Port Services and Logistics Industry Trade Co. with a total of 6.000 square meters while rethinking the port and facilities. Headquarters, maintenance facilities and workshops and storage areas determine the main components of the design.

The open space of 126.000 square meters in total, is split between customs and duty-free areas. The main visual characteristic of functions such as entry and exit of goods, is a space filled with containers. The visual effect and strong image, created by these storage boxes that vary in color but repetitive in a certain size and form, are highlighted in the headquarters building. The location and function of the headquarters building in an open space larger than 100.000 square meters, makes it necessary for it to be the most expressive building of the company. This causality, which the design is concerned both as a dimension and as a form, is presented as an architectural answer to the containers in its immediate vicinity of the headquarters.

The idea of two ships boarding each other, determines the planning principles of the concept. Thus two office spaces that are split between two separate but alike masses are connected with bridges on each floor. The sea view from the entrance, which is between two blocks that have been separated from each other with an angle and movement horizontally, is also the main focus of this open-to-all central area. The concrete ramp that allows the approach to the building over the pool at the entrance, makes reference to getting into a boat.

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UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences/CDRD
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UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences/CDRD

Vancouver, Canada - Build completed in 2012
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