Method Home Prefab with Lucius 140 Fireplace

Method Home Prefab with Lucius 140 Fireplace

method home
Truckee, CA, USA
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Private Houses
Photos courtesy of Method Home

Method Home Prefab with Lucius 140 Fireplace

European Home as Fireplace manufacturer / distributor

This installation took place in northern California and into the burgeoning world of modern prefab architecture.   “The word prefab is often used to describe any type of home that is made from easy-to-assemble building parts that were manufactured off-site.” (

However, what makes modern prefab architecture so intriguing to architects, city planners and early adopters is its attention to precision and design. Prefabrication allows for repeatability, predictability (a good thing when faced with the inherent unpredictable nature of home building) and a limitation of waste. In theory, the resources saved by mitigating waste can then be reinvested in higher quality materials.

Read the whole story on the European Home blog.


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