Mini Cuppa - SOHO

Mini Cuppa - SOHO

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hcreates designs a bold new Shanghai store with a playful twists for Mini Cuppa

hcreates as Architects

hcreates recently opened a new café for Mini Cuppa in the Sky Soho development in Hongqiao, Shanghai.  The client wanted a fun and cozy space to attract the young professionals in the surrounding office towers. When hcreates first started to learn about Mini Cuppa, they immediately noticed their range of interesting, creative drinks and snacks that were very eye-catching. Design Director Hannah Churchill said the creative process was ignited by the products. “We kept going back to this one bubble-tea image.  It was kind of sculptural. We couldn’t help but let that influence the design aesthetic for the space”
hcreates designed a custom floor for the project, the terrazzo tiles had inserts cut into them so that they could lay individual marble stones into each tile. Each of the 100 stones was numbered and hand laid into the pre-cut tiles on-site and polished into the floor.  hcreates designed custom lights and bench details to create points of interest and discovery inside of the store. Hannah said “Overall we wanted to create space where people could take a break from their office desk in the tower above and socialize with colleagues and feel like they were in a different and fun space”

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