Ms. Peacock’s Champagne Lounge

Ms. Peacock’s Champagne Lounge

925 N Garfield St, Arlington, VA 22201, USA | View Map
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Ms. Peacock's Champagne Lounge

CORE architecture + design as Interior Architects

Ms. Peacock’s Champagne Lounge is a speakeasy within Board Room's new and second location at 925 North Garfield Street in Arlington, VA, which involved the renovation and expansion of a 12,300 SF ground-floor space (9,600 SF inside and 2,700 SF outside). The Champagne Lounge entrance, set discreetly around the corner on Garfield Street, has its own intimate patio with scrolling metal peacock café chairs. Guests will enter the Lounge through a curtained vestibule with a gold-fan motif wallcovering as its backdrop. The luxe space with soft lounge seating beckons beyond with the bar as a sparkling backdrop. Dark teal is the primary color on the walls and ceilings to create intimacy and richness. The small cocktail bar is painted a contrasting light blush with a soft grey stone top and a mirrored backdrop.

CORE took cues from French design, creating a composition of Mondrian-esque rose and clear mirrors on the walls while a round teal pouf and lounge seating are the focus of the space. Above, the ceiling is pearlescent. The exterior walls are lined with fawn-colored velvet drapery and blush U-shaped booths facing inward. Ms. Peacock’s Champagne Lounge is about 800 SF, originally a butcher shop, and now includes an intimate upscale bar with plush booths and draperies, with overflow seating in the Chairman’s Lounge hidden behind a bookcase.

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