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BLACKHAUS Karol Cieplinski Architekt as Architects

Philosophers say that we only feel, believe and trust the expected and elements in life that we ourselves believe in. It is a century where we want to be intrigued by the unknown but most importantly by the new perception of the already known. This project is a definite opportunity to rethink about all the conceptual set views of life within walls and the city. This signifies what is safe or private, who is a friend, what exactly nature is and most of all who determines the rules concerning what I believe in.

Geometric space of contrasts. Imperfect and raw surfaces of concrete opposed to the sharp and perfectly smooth walls that creates space for leaving. Apartment is subordinate to the details: flushmounted skirting boards, dilatations of the concrete floors meeting the divisions of materials at the walls, invisible doors. Raw spaces are warmed up with oiled wood and natural materials: leather and felt – they also mark the boundaries, closed in geometric divisions makes room for life. “Penthaus PK43” is located in historical Jewish district of Krakow, Poland. For many years this part of city was forgotten but now it is the center of cultural and social life. New building where the apartment is situated was built in a border the district. Next to the river Vistula apartment has the boundless view at the another district – Podgorze – with it’s old churches towers and new buildings locates at the riverbank.

All buildings tell a story, from the architecture of ancient Rome to the skyscrapers that dot our modern horizons. Without this story, buildings would be simple boxes of pure function. In architecture, a residence is more than a simple shelter. It is a story of the people that live there, the relationships between them, and the living that occurs when a home is occupied. The apartment was designed for a young businessman - living fast, very pedant and with a strong, raw tast of interiors. The design balances between permanence and lightness, a nod to the human experience of dreaming while grounded in a single place.

Apartment - it’s final shape - was to suppose to reflect the character of the owner. Building is made in steel and reinforced concrete. Working at the apartment begin before the building had the windows and elevation. Apartment had no plaster and concrete screeds. Client had the sparse expectations – he loves raw materials and simple elegant spaces - thanks to this we can bring his dreams to life.

Design provides for the use of the existing elements of the apartment. Reinforced concrete - structure of the building - was cleaned and polished. Imperfections of concrete have been exposed and turned into an asset, a decorative element. Client was very enthusiastic about this idea so he was happy about every scratch on a construction beam that can be compare to the white perfect surface of the wall. The final project is a mix of two options - involved the extraction of all beauty from the concrete construction of walls and ceilings contrasted with the smooth surfaces of the plaster. The concreto surfaces have been polished and impregnated. All defects in the structure were left, unevenness of the concrete was blasted and juxtaposed with sharp edges of the plasters. The spaces are closed in geometric order. Raw concrete is interspersed with a plaster. It sets boundaries and opens up new plans to the viewers. The flat is subordinated to the details - they give it the character: flush-mounted skirting boards, dilatations of the concrete floors.

Entrance Area:

After entering the apartment we have a preview - a prelude to what awaits in the next rooms. There is presented a minimum of what we want to show to a random person knocking to the door - protecting his privacy. Concrete (walls, ceiling), smooth plaster, black - metal frame mirror reflecting the Light coming from the hall (thanks to this even when the lights are off, the walls has reflections of daylight) and 300 kg solid oak beam - oiled and attached to the wall with six steel anchors. These materials will scroll throughout the flat, giving it a consistent character.

Living room and kitchen:

Large windows allow you to enjoy the view of the old historical district of Krakow – Podgorze. The flat has unlimited access to light and zero neighbors, which allowed to display the view. The raw spaces are insulated with soft furniture lines. Oak shelves house the library. The kitchen laboratory with table tops, open shelves allows you to present cooking skills to guests by the owner of the apartment. The wall along the long working space has been rebuilt from the concrete blocks - neat welds and the location of electrical connections have been taken care of. Structure of pattern gives industrial look - painted with special cover for the hospital rooms, it allows unrestricted cooking excesses without fear of order. The steel construction of black steel furniture houses all the necessary kitchen equipment. The construction over the island allows unlimited access to kitchen utensils and the cultivation of a garden with flowers and spices.

Master bedroom:

Getting up in the morning it is good to feel a pleasant, warm wood under the bare foot. The space around the bed was entirely wood: the floor, walls and ceiling were lined with it. Spruce over the bed is a canopy that allows you to feel comfortable, lying in a bed enclosed in a wooden shell. Black curtains bring out the natural color of wood emphasizing its grains and nuances in texture.

Child bedroom:

Minimum of a minimum. The presented status is before the arrival of a small tenant. A space was left to personalize by owner. Designed bed and lighting will allow the young mind to be create. Each bedroom - there are two - has its own bathroom. They maintain the character of the flat by using the same materials. The main purpose was the convenience of the device and the practicality of the solutions used.

The project is preceded by a long interview with the client about how he lives, what habits he has and expectations of the apartment. We get to know the structure of the family, what they do, where they work and what they like to do in their free time. If you have a favorite furniture, family heirlooms – please their inventory, pictures and dimensions. Things to which the customer has sentiment always find a place in the designed space. In the next stage, sketches are created as well. For every room series of drawings are prepared unless the final concept is clear.

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