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Private Residence at Kamatero

Private Residence at Kamatero

Kamatero, Greece | View Map
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Panagiotis Voumvakis

Private Residence at Kamatero


The two-story residence with an attic, of 205 m2 total space, was built on a steep slope to house the needs of a four-member family. The architectural design comes to satisfy not only the functional, but also the aesthetic needs of the family, offering the safe and warm environment they envisioned. The structure’s main volume, colored dark grey, it includes the attic and it is outlined by a white rectangular frame that reaches up to the first floor and distinguishes the inclined roof from the rest of the building. The residence’s only balcony, which extrudes from the white frame, is made of raw concrete to enhance its functional differentiation, while the wooden coating of the facade strengthens the entrance axis. The building is attached with the adjacent plots, dividing the free open space in two independent sections, one in front and one in the back. In these two areas we have planted a variety of bushes and decorative plants, mainly of short stature, so as to preserve the unhindered view even from the ground floor. The ground floor comprises the master bedroom and two bedrooms for the children, each with direct access to the area outside of the house, ensuring the direct connection among the internal space and the exterior. In the first floor there is a unified space that includes the living room, the dining area and kitchen, with large sliding windows, that ensure uninterrupted, panoramic view of the city of Athens. The attic, which also has the function of an internal balcony looking over the sitting room, is both visually and acoustically connected with it, and includes the owner’s workplace as well as a secondary living room. Movements between floors are served by a straight staircase with relieved supports. Light, both natural as well as artificial, has a central role in the design, and it is used to bring coherence in the entire construction. All spaces are flooded by natural light through large openings, while the artificial lighting, direct or indirect, has been designed to direct the movements , introducing continuity and plasticity in the space, and highlighting the geometry and material of each component. The interior space has been designed with special interest into detail, combining a variety of materials and special constructions. The completeness of the construction is reflected in the meticulous choice of flooring materials, such as “Pietra Serena” psammite and walnut wood, and the sculptural mien of the staircase, framed by tailor-made furnitures and objects in every space. The bookcase in the attic, along with the staircase railings made of stainless cables, beyond it’s functional purpose, it defines the boundaries among each area, without reducing the visual connection among them.

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