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Product Spec Sheet

Residencial N 07

PJV Arquitetura as Architects

The Residencial N 07 building consists of six residential apartments, located in Balneário Piçarras, north coast of Santa Catarina State.

The land chosen is located on the main avenue, with beautiful view of the sea. It measures only 244 square meters, that is 12 meters front by 22 meters long.

The proposal seeks to offer to the market a building with contemporary authorial architecture, without the vices and repetitions normally presented by the real estate market.

The architectural project sought to solve the proposed program through the following basic premises: to create a clear structural solution, which can guide the way of the building, to create a ground floor as free as possible, to implant the building aiming at the best relationship with the environment and the views of the local landscape, to use materials in their raw condition, such as concrete and brick, avoiding the use of external coatings.


Formally, the architecture presents a universal language, simple and clear by making use of straight lines and abstract elements. Rocking balconies and exposed concrete beams shape the front and back facades of the building. Two black masonry towers drilled at the top draw the chimneys of the barbecue grill. And the upper platband 1.2 meters high in apparent concrete seeks to create a crown for the building.

The fundamental principle of the project was not to hide the concrete structure that sustains the building. As a result, the beams and pillars, as well as the slabs of the stairs, are left in concrete and are responsible, together with the walls in apparent brick, for the intended "brutalist" appearance of the edification.

Another concern of the project was to create a clean design that would unite all 24 windows that form the east façade of the building. This was possible in a very simple way: just by painting in black and lowering 2 centimeters the masonry parts  that connect these windows to bedrooms and bathrooms.

The building consists of a ground floor and 3 floors. The ground floor is open consisting of pillars, the vertical circulation core and the parking spaces. The ground floor  has a central hall and two apartments per floor. The ground plan of the apartments is quite simple. It has a unique social area comprising kitchen, dining, living and balcony, and an intimate area with bedrooms and bathrooms. The proposal of the social balcony along the west side guarantees to this environment a permanent view to the sea, even with other buildings are built on the neighborhood in the future.

The proposed architecture for this building is contemporary and honest. It seeks its reference and its way of approaching the project in the premises of modern architecture, with special attention to the structures the building, then its coverage, and finally, the closures and the framing design.

The main materials used in the work were apparent concrete, apparent brick, tempered glass and black aluminum profiles. The floor of the ground floor is in smoothed concrete and the inner coating of the floors is in rectified matte porcelain with cement-like appearance.

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