Settles Street
Peter Ghobrial

Settles Street

ThirdWay Architecture as Designers

Existing building is formed of Victoria brick work, with wooden sash windows. Internally it is finished with a raised access metal and timber floor, with exposed services and metal work.


The proposed building follows the same aesthetic internally with raised access metal and timber flooring with and exposed services and structure. The façade is made from translucent and opaque glass panels, with anodized aluminum mullions and spandrel panels to deliver open views to the city as well as considering overlooking issues to the neighbors.


Project Description

Settles Street is a refurbishment and large extension to a building of local importance in Whitechapel. A former labor exchange, the building has a unique plan form and architecture, having originally been completed in the later 19th Century. Before its refurbishment, it was occupied by Job Seekers with a 90's fit out.


The scheme refurbished the entire building, opening up the unique curve shoe horse form that surrounds the front massing, and re-aligns the entrance to the front of center, activation the building and bringing a new prominence to Settles Street. The extension to the rear build on the existing core, extending the stairs to connect into all floors, including a new building 4 floors of commercial space that commands unparalleled views across the east end and back to the City of London.


The design has maintained the Victorian aesthetic combing the original architecture with a high contrast contemporary extension and worked hard to celebrate the original features. The windows and stairs have all been repaired, with the brick work exposed where possible. Careful consideration has been given to fire engineering the space which allows a unique visitor experience, entering the reception with uninterrupted views up the central stairs and lightwell, through to the new build offices to the back.As is the focus with all ThirdWay Architectures work, the overall success of the project is the securing of a pre-lit, which has again been achieved, reinforcing out commitment to blending both a architecturally and commercially successful project.

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