Subtract Apartment

Subtract Apartment

Warsaw, Poland
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Subtract Apartment

KANDO ARCHITECTS as Interior Architects

Location: Warsaw, Poland Housing estate: Madison Apartments Area: 103 m²

The Subtract apartment was designed on the base of white and black contrasts, enriched only the by one colour accent. Residents of this apartment belong to creative people - she is a fashion blogger, he is a graphic designer, so both of them are dealing with lots of colors, textures and structures every day. That's why their suite was supposed to be a kind of springboard from professional life and give them the opportunity to clear their minds from daily work.

The investment is located in the Warsaws' green Żoliborz, which is why we have decided to sneak into the interior a bit of nature through the aquamarine color accents. As usual, our customers did not disappoint us and brought us interesting design challenges. Although the owners don’t cook much and eat mainly in the city, they wanted to make the kitchen a central meeting point during frequent visits, but during the daily life they were able to separate it from the rest of the apartment.

We came up with the idea of ​​developing a multifunctional module that was embedded in the center of the daily zone. Around the entire module, you can freely walked around, and just behind it there is a large bookcase with a place to relax and muzzle. White sliding panels are used to make the entire structure blend into the background. When they open, a contrasting space emerges, surprising with the dark color and the used materials.

An unusual solution used in this project are wall panels made of perforated steel which have been specially illuminated to obtain an unusual effect of the lightening. At first glance it seems that the panels are only decorative but hide the rest of the apartment such as guest toilet, cinema room, master bedroom with wardrobe and bathroom.

Our clients love to make movie nights for their friends and need space that would meet their expectations. It was a perfect moment for us to design a cinema room that would hold a group of friends and provide the comfort of watching movies. We used comfortable pouf with a huge amount of pillows, and the walls were laid with soft material, which influences the viewing comfort. All the climate adds a ceiling made of perforated steel painted in black, which was highlighted by a gentle light that does not distract the viewer during the show.

The nightly section of the entire apartment consists of a bedroom, a main bathroom and a dressing room. The lamps are so unique that they are designed to go through the interior and fill them up. An unusual element is an image that was made of white marble, and its unique spatial form highlights the lighting that we designed.

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