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Temporary House

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This house is located on the outskirts of Lima City, Peru, within a 3000m² terrain. This terrain is mainly flat ground and is surrounded by abundant foliage. The concept of this design arose from the merger of three important aspects: the client’s requirements, integration with the nearby landscape and the local materials to be used.

The client’s request was to create a very social and open house where he and his children could organize reunions or parties without excluding the possibility to carry out two events on the house simultaneously. At the same time, another demand was the idea to have the bedrooms in an area which did not interfere with the social settings but also maintain the green area’s view around the residence.

As a result of space analysis, the house is conceived as a set of volumes creating different levels and optimizing all possible visuals within the house and its landscape while keeping independence between volumes. Is in this way that social spaces were planned to be in an open-volume at a first level, same level of the terrain and its vegetation. At an intermediate level and generating semipublic spaces, the pool and complementary services were distributed. Finally a private volume composed of bedrooms and balconies was designed to be on the high level of the house.

Also, the design proposal includes attached platforms to the house which act as terraces but planned to be used as flexible spaces for any social event to be organized by the client throughout all year round.

The terrain’s attributes, its large area and its surrounding landscape have permitted to situate the project in such a manner that the user is able to enjoy the house in a contemplative way from its exterior and at the same time navigate within each of the areas of the residence fully exploiting interesting visual relationships and total natural lighting and ventilation.

The materials used when designing the project were those of sober and natural character like wood, stone, exposed concrete and glass. Thus architecture does not try to overcome nature. The house’s design responds to the functional simplicity of a country house. The areas are defined by planes that when being bend vertical and/or horizontally, they generate the different spaces. The structural elements are shown and integrated to the design.

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