The Oriental Club - Settling Down

The Oriental Club - Settling Down

Nanshan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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The Oriental Club - Settling Down

Deve Build as Interior Architects

When we were planning this project, it occurred that the tsunami attacked Japan. The sensory impact brought about by the tragedy shocked me, and gave me some mixed feelings. Though the world we are living in is wonderful, there are still so many catastrophes and disasters. In the motion of nature and the universe we are just dust particles, and lots of dust particles make up the motes.


What this renovation project brought with it is such kind of concern. As in this boundless universe each of us is indeed just a dust particle, as small as cannot be smaller. Please have a look at this project: it offers you not only some space, but also a garden. The Oriental Club moved the heavy loam wall, and opened a world of tranquility and lightness. The whole design originated from the traditional gardening techniques. None of the traditional gardening elements is unavailable: tortuous paths, gallery bridges, bamboo groves, lean rockery stones; but it is a show of modern times, the illumination of oriental philosophies. In the white delicate form and structure dotted the fine motes design. It will be found accidentally, and give us the perception that the weak could overcome the strong - a hint about life. A courtyard of water, penetrating the sky, reflects the four seasons. The reshaped white modern buildings present the deposits of oriental culture at everywhere. The wall of rammed earth contrasts heavily with the paper-like white "thinness". The motes on the pieces of white boards secretly imply the balance of power and the balance of culture: the thought about human, nature and the universe, and the relations between them. The scene of exploding and the decoration paintings blackened by the fires, all reveal the truth just as "dhyana" does, in a most ordinary way. People with thoughts, please think. The ideology of dhyana is like the water, it is boundless. 


The teahouse on the upstairs is cool and refreshing, reflecting the complexity of the traditional Chinese wood construction with needle-like compactness. The ends of the timber were blackened by hot iron, producing an illusory surface like dreams. Talking over the tea, meditating while appreciating rocks, enjoying the moon and clouds, it is worth seeing a hundred times. In tranquility and peace, let's pray that disasters never come to us. A world of peace is not just an empty talk.



So much we hope that in the motes we can have possession of virtue and health;

So much we hope that in the motes we can have possession of peace and hope;

So much we hope that in the motes we can have possession of a hometown and a settling place;

So much we hope that in the motes we can have possession of happy children and healthy parents.


Material Used :

Bluestone, Pine wood, Gunpowder, Stoving varnish steel

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