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TraceVFX, Mumbai

TraceVFX, Mumbai

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India | View Map
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Trace- Renowned VFX Studio of Hollywood!

NCUBE Planning and Design Pvt. Ltd. as Interior Architects

TRACE is a renowned VFX studio that processes graphic editing of Hollywood movies and films at large. With their main office and stock-holders based out of USA, the brief called for a novel design at a new location (right adjacent to their old office in Mumbai), which would enable and envisage the expansion that communicates their signature identity. 
Sited at the ground level, the facade development was of prime importance, and a crucial point for the design conceptualisation by NCUBE design team. The existing building is a part of an industrial block; and the client’s preference indicated an intent to maintain an industrial look and feel. 
The design intent therefore has been to retain the original materials such as raw surfaces, metals and wood finishes, with a splash of colours introduced in the common areas such as meeting rooms and corridors to break away from the monotony. Hence, the approach has been to repaint and furnish the new space in such a way that the entrance porch gives a glimpse of the interior and at the same time same time stands well in the tropical weather of Mumbai.  
The plot is rectangular in shape, which makes space planning crucial. The entrance is located away from the studio areas in order to maintain confidentiality- a must for all VFX Studios. HR, Development and other support areas are connected to the main entry point, whereas the executive spaces are pushed away from the entrance to maintain privacy and distance from the public zones. The artist’s Studio is designed in such a way that openness is maintained to enable creativity and fluidity of space, while providing privacy for confidential projects.  
Being a VFX studio, lighting is an extremely challenging task to achieve. The desired Lux level to achieve in studio areas is 8 to 12 Lux in warm shade. Thus, suspended decorative light fixtures match the requirement, while serving as a highlight element within the interior palette. Warm shade light plays a major role in the selection of finishes, materials and the larger colour palette. Materials such as raw texture paint and wood panelling in reception areas welcome the visitor to an aura of industrial aesthetics. The studio corridor is treated with metal mesh screens and a feature wall with designer lockers.NCUBE believes in optimum utilisation of materials such as wooden flooring and the ceiling is finished with a grey and black combination in texture paint. 

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