Urban intervention in Azul - Bs As - Argentine (2nd prize)

Urban intervention in Azul - Bs As - Argentine (2nd prize)

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Urban Green Spaces

Urban intervention in Azul (Bs As / Argentine)

+Arqs as 2nd place

Objectives of the proposal :

• Reorganize the road and transport infrastructure. (Priority pedestrian)

• Revaluation of the urban space as a place of social and cultural event .

• Restructure public space , promoting physical accessibility for all

inhabitants and ownership of it.

• Revaluation and exploitation of heritage tourism .

• Improve the visual quality of the city . (Reducing visual pollution )

• Protection of environmental quality . (Reducing noise pollution and air )

• Positioning of the city as example of a city adapted to the changes required

contemporary life.

The proposal he planned giving primary importance to the social role in the public space within the urban fabric , developed as a set of elements within a system through various plans that meet the identified needs outlined above .

Elements of the system components

The public space:

The intervention seeks to redefine the disjointed fragments of the city center, where by the new contributions to be incorporated in the future, is promoted to greater socialization, where public space acted as a landscape of events, meetings and exchanges.

The first action to develop the intervention is to strengthen and requalify an existing main structure, Plaza San Martin, intensifying by generating a comprehensive system with historical-cultural buildings that surround it.

In this piece transverse to the two institutional-commercial main areas where the proposed projects from the coexistence of existing activities with new programs to incorporate entertainment and community service are organized.

In addition it has a plot that weaves all nodes corresponding to the cultural and architectural heritage of the city, by a circuit which gives priority to pedestrians and the use of environmentally friendly transport.

Road infrastructure and parking:

The intervention contemplates the pedestrian as lead actor of urban life in an accessible and conducive to interaction with their fellow field, promoting non-polluting means of transport to the detriment of the media today saturate the city center.

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